How can I Learn About Different Cultures?

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The world is a colorful landscape of different languages, skin colors, and different cultures. It's important to develop an appreciation for different cultures in order to become a well-rounded person who is sensitive to the unique qualities of others. One way to develop this appreciation is to try to learn about other cultures around the world.

There are several ways to become knowledgeable about different cultures. One way is to read books written by authors from a particular culture. Reading works by authors who have a close relationship with a particular culture allows people to gain an authentic glimpse into the food, music, language, religion, and way of a life of a particular group of people.

For example, when a teacher wishes to expose her students to a different culture, she will often read them stories based on a culture's folklore. To learn about various tribes of Native Americans, she may read students books like The Rough Face Girl by Rafe Martin or The Windigo's Return: A North Woods Story by Douglas Wood and Greg Couch. She may invite Native American storytellers to visit the classroom so students can listen to authentic tales from that particular culture.


Another way to learn about different cultures is to try to learn a foreign language. A variety of language-learning books, software, and audio programs is available at the public library or bookstores. A person can choose a language she has always wanted to learn and locate learning programs to help her master the language.

If she feels especially ambitious, she can enroll in a foreign language class in order to learn in a more formal setting. Making contact with people who are native speakers of the language allows her to gain firsthand knowledge of a particular culture as she struggles to learn the language. She can strive to visit areas of the city where she can establish social interactions with people who are native speakers of the language she is trying to master.

A person can learn about different cultures if she samples authentic food from a specific cultural group. Seek out restaurants that feature authentic food from a variety of countries. Whether a person wants to learn more about regions in Japan, the Middle East, Africa, or any other world culture, becoming familiar with its food is a giant step in the right direction. Food is an important part of different cultures and allows people to gain insight into a particular cultural group's way of life.

People who love to meet people in far-flung areas of the world may not be able to travel in person, but they can always sign up for a pen pal. The Internet has made it possible for people to correspond with others from different countries just by logging on to the world wide web. Various websites offer pen pal services, offering to connect individuals with pen friends located around the world. Corresponding with people from other countries through email or snail mail is another useful way to become familiar with different cultures.


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Post 8

What should you do if you live in a different culture?

Post 6

I love culture, it's just SO interesting! I think that learning about culture is a great thing to do. Many people don't really care about culture, but I believe that it is an important aspect in life. Getting to know culture through books is a great way to start, you can never always trust the internet! Secondly, the best thing to ever do is travel! You never know what will happen, you can just see the word 'culture!' popping out from every corner that you see! Go to restaurants, shop in malls, experience the taste of feeling culture!

Post 5

This is quite easy. Try traveling around the world and experience the amazing cultures and traditions. Believe me, even in just the shortest amount of time, you can find out loads of stuff. Are you interested? Go traveling to search for the answers and you'll find out!

Post 4

My favorite way of learning about different cultures is to eat at different cultural restaurants. I love food, and I love trying new foods.

The neat thing is, if you go to a really authentic restaurant, you'll learn about more than just the food. You learn about different cultures clothing, languages, and customs. Especially if you're outgoing enough to talk to the people around you.

Post 3

I usually take interesting facts I read in books about different cultures, and then look for more information online.

I like to pass on some of this knowledge to my children in the form of a theme night. I cook dinner that consists of food from the chosen culture, and we watch a movie or do an activity that somehow relates to that culture.

The kids love it, and I feel like they really get a taste of the world that way. They have learned that different cultures have different ways of doing so many things, and that different is not bad.

Post 2

Another good way to get to know a bit about a different culture is to watch television shows or movies made in that part of the world.

I recently started watching a series that was made in Scotland, and it's so interesting to learn about the different customs and traditions, and to hear the way they speak. I've even learned a bit about the things they eat and the folklore in the area. You can really learn a lot if you find the right show or movie to watch.

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