How can I Keep Pet Hair Under Control in my Home?

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Every pet owner knows that pet hair can pose a problem in the home. It floats about the air and works its way into carpet, furniture, and clothing. Keeping hair under control is not easy work, but it is a necessary endeavor for people who want to coexist happily with their pets. To minimize shedding, be sure to pay attention to your pet’s diet and avoid changing frequently changing foods, as this can have an impact on the health of its coat. In addition, regular brushing with a shedding comb helps eliminate loose hairs from the undercoat and will thus help minimize shedding. Still, even with proper diet and regular grooming most pets still shed daily.

Because of shedding, pet owners are subject to different housecleaning procedures than people without pets. Pet hair can lodge itself into the fabrics of carpet and furniture, which in turn transfers to clothes and can aggravate allergies. Regular and frequent vacuuming of both the carpets and the furniture is necessary to keep clumps of fur from accumulating. Make sure to use your vacuum’s attachments for corners, crevices, and upholstery each time you vacuum. Don’t forget to vacuum under area and throw rugs as well.


Where pet hair accumulates, avoid sweeping hard surfaces with a broom. This acts to stir settled hair and reintroduce it to the air, making it harder to remove completely. Instead, vacuum your hard floor surfaces or use a dust mop that will attract the hair rather than stir it up. Pay especially close attention to the kitchen area, as pet hair tends to accumulate under refrigerators and block their vent, which could cause premature failure of your appliance. Pull your refrigerator out every three months and vacuum under and behind it.

Similarly, pet owners should consider replacing their furnace filters more frequently than normal. Animal hair that floats in the air can be inadvertently sucked through the ventilating system and then is caught by the filter. A clean filter will help improve your heating and air conditioning efficiency as well as reduce the dander and other allergens. To control hair in sleeping quarters, provide your pet with his own bed rather than sharing yours. If your dog or cat sleeps with you, you should wash your sheets and comforter or bedspread frequently.

Though keeping pet hair under control can be a daunting task, those who know and appreciate the companionship of their pets know it is worth the effort. By simply remembering that a little extra effort will greatly control the accumulation of hair, you and your pet can live together most happily. Visitors are also likely to appreciate your extra effort.


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Post 5

The best invention ever for removing pet hair from furniture are crocs! Just slip one over your hand and brush it over the sofa and you'll be amazed at how easily it all comes rolling off - and because it's rubbery-ish, it pulls the hairs out of the upholstery too! It'll change your life! We have a Saint Bernard and a long haired white Ninja-cat and the croc works better than anything else we have tried!

Post 4

@carrotisland: I have one of those pet vacuums. It is called a Pet Hair Eraser. I think that it is made by Bissell. It works great. I have a golden retriever that stays inside the house and he gets vacuumed once a week. I bought my vacuum at Target.

Post 3

My sister actually vacuums her dog. She started doing it when he was a puppy. He was afraid of the noise tremendously. Now, when he hears the vacuum start up, he comes running! It is really funny to watch.

She takes the hose and runs it over him and it just picks up the loose hairs that would have fallen out soon. There is actually some kind of special vacuum cleaner you can get now that is just for pets. My sister just uses the old faithful Dirtdevil!

Post 2

One of the best methods to rid yourself of pet hair is regular brushing. Your pet, dog or cat, should be brushed every week or so. I started brushing my dog when he was 4 weeks old just to get him used to the feeling of it. Now, he actually loves it. This really cuts down on the extra hair left on the furniture or floating in the air.

Post 1

Great article- I just want to add that I heard that using a static spray makes it easier to pick up pet hair.

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