How can I Keep my Child Entertained During Christmas Vacation?

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Christmas vacation often goes by too quickly, but on the other hand, it can feel like forever if children are bored the whole time they are out of school. It pays to have a plan so you can keep your child entertained during Christmas vacation. If your child has plenty to keep him or her busy while at home, everyone will be happier, and parents will be able to get more things accomplished.

Crafts are a good source of entertainment during Christmas vacation, or any time. Stick to easy options that won’t lead to frustration. Simple crafts can be made from kits, common items found in any craft store or online, or from things you already have around the house. From colorful paper chains and gifts for pets to snowmen made from Styrofoam balls, your children will have fun creating holiday decorations and small gifts throughout their Christmas vacation.


While your children have likely already played existing board games many times, they are still a good option for keeping busy. Kids can get creative, or ask for a little help from Mom and Dad in this area, and make up new games to play with existing game boards and game pieces. You might also want to pick up a new game or two to keep things interesting during Christmas vacation, but try to choose something that the whole family will enjoy. This way, it can be played when guests come to visit too or on family nights any time of year. Pick up some new movies or traditional holiday books for children too.

Setting up play dates during Christmas vacation is also a great idea. Your child can go visit friends or enjoy an outing while you shop, wrap gifts, or attend to the many other items on your list. You can then host a play date to return the favor, so their friends’ parents can have some free time. It’s also good to make plans for some family activities during Christmas vacation, such as taking a drive to look at Christmas lights or other holiday displays.

Another good option is engaging children in activities that will not only keep them entertained during Christmas vacation but will also allow them to feel helpful and involved in holiday preparations. Take children into separate rooms and have them wrap each other’s gifts. Another fun idea is to give each child some Christmas decorations that you don’t intend to use. Allow each one to create a holiday design plan for his or her bedroom. Children will feel very grown up and helpful, and they will enjoy expressing themselves in this way.


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Post 3

If you can find a way for young kids to help out during Christmas vacation, like with the decorations as was mentioned in this article, then they usually enjoy this. Young kids want to be helpful and show you how grown up they are. This seems to make them really happy.

Post 2

@Drentel - I feel guilty when my nephew and niece come to visit if they don't have an absolutely great time. I like that they are always excited to visit us. Mostly, what they appreciate is spending time with me and my girlfriend. I take them in the yard and play and run with them, and this is a big deal for them since they don't get so much outside time at home.

I could just pop in a movie and they would enjoy this, but watching movies is something they can do almost any time when they are home or at their grandparents' houses, so I like to be a little creative, so they will really enjoy the time at our house and want to return.

Post 1

My wife's sister's grandchildren are coming to spend time with us during their Christmas vacation from school. Since my wife stays pretty busy with her volunteer and community work during this time of the year, I will be the primary babysitter for most of their time with us. My wife told me to look up ways to keep the children entertained, so they don't get totally bored and never want to come back to see us.

I don't want to sound like an old stuffed shirt, but when did kids get to the point that they need to be entertained during vacation time? When I was a kid, being out of school for a couple of weeks was

entertainment in itself. And I didn't need any help finding anything to do with the time.

Even when my daughters were living at home and on a break from school, we never had any need to provide them with entertainment. Shouldn't they be able to entertain themselves?

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