How can I Increase Water Pressure?

Ken Black

Low water pressure can be one of the most annoying, though not truly critical, problems a homeowner has to deal with. It can make proper rinsing after showers difficult and cause a number of other inconveniences. To increase water pressure, a number of steps can be taken. However, trying to find the root problem is recommended.

A person washing his hands in water from a tap with good water pressure.
A person washing his hands in water from a tap with good water pressure.

The first step needed to increase water pressure is to determine if there are any major plumbing problems. These could include leaks or blocks in the pipes. This may also be the most expensive step in the process. If no leaks or blockages can be found, it may be that the municipal system simply has weak flow in your area and the only option may be to treat the symptoms.

Water pressure may be increased by making sure aerators are clean and free of sediment.
Water pressure may be increased by making sure aerators are clean and free of sediment.

In some cases, the water pressure problem may be limited to a particular sink or shower, especially those with aerators. Over time, sediments can build up on these aerators and clog them, making the flow weaker. In these situations, the best option is to take off the aerator, give it a thorough cleaning, and put it back in place.

For those who only wish to increase water pressure in a certain area, such as a shower, starting with the simplest, and cheapest item could be the best. Simply replacing the shower head to one meant to increase water pressure for that shower could be all that is needed. Some shower heads may have flow restrictors in place. Removing these would be another easy way to improved the water pressure immediately.

For those who want to increase water pressure throughout the home, the best option may be a water pressure booster system. These systems give water pressure a boost right where it starts: coming into the home. In actuality, a booster is nothing more than a water pump that is designed to work with the existing water supply coming into the home.

In some cases, it may take a major plumbing project to increase water pressure to a desired level. For example, if the problem is low water pressure throughout the entire house, increasing the size of the main pipe servicing the house should provide a desired boost. This will often be an expensive option that most would rely on a professional to complete. While this option may be not the easiest, it may be the only way to increase the pressure to an acceptable level.

Shower heads affect water pressure and water usage.
Shower heads affect water pressure and water usage.

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@gardenmelody, It might also be the nozzle on the hose that needs replacing. Hose heads or nozzles should be checked or replaced every few months!


I've found that when I am using the hose in my backyard to clean fences or water flowers, water pressure problems might be as simple as there being a kink in the hose. Be sure to check the entire length of the hose for any holes or kinks before you chalk it up to a plumbing problem.


It's always best to hire a plumber if you are unfamiliar with any type of plumbing issues. That way you don't have a Tim "the tool man" Taylor moment and flood your house!


Low water pressure in toilets and urinals at my church. Water line is in the same wall. Just enough pressure to flush.

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