How can I Improve Nail Growth?

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The key to improving nail growth is keeping your nails, and your body, healthy. Like hair, nail growth is not entirely under your control; everyone's hair and nails grow at a different rate. However, there are some simple things you can do to promote nail growth.

Your nails can be an indicator of your general health, so if they are not healthy, or not growing as fast as you would like, it may indicate a nutritional deficiency. Taking a daily multivitamin is a good start. You can take a general multipurpose vitamin, or look for varieties that are formulated specifically for hair and nail growth. Some people report increased hair and nail growth while taking prenatal vitamins, even if they are not pregnant. Protein and calcium are also important to nail health, so be sure you're diet is rich in high-quality protein and calcium sources such as milk and cheese.

Another important factor in promoting nail growth is to prevent breakage and damage to your nails while they are growing out. Nails are weaker and more prone to breakage when they are wet, so be sure to wear gloves when you are washing dishes. Also, wear gloves when you are gardening or using harsh cleaners or chemicals. A good rule of thumb to remember is anything that damages or dries out your skin will also damage your nails. Obviously, try to avoid biting your nails or using them as screwdrivers or letter openers.


Routine nail care can keep your nails healthy and strong. It's best if you can leave your nails bare and natural whenever possible, but if you do use polish or nail glue, give your nails a break from time to time. Manicure your hands regularly; push cuticles back instead of cutting them, and file nails just enough to keep the edges smooth and squared. Also, keep your hands well-moisturized and rub the lotion or moisturizer into your nails as well.

Besides basic moisturizer, there are some topical treatments that may improve nail strength. Nail polishes, particularly those with hardeners, may be beneficial in protecting thin or brittle nails while they are growing out. Remember to alternate periods of polishing with periods of letting your nails breathe. It is also thought that soaking your nails in gelatin helps strengthen your nails, allowing them to grow without breaking as quickly.

If your notice problems with your nails such as yellow or green discoloring, redness, swelling, or pain in the nail bed, it is time to see your doctor. You may have a fungal infection in your nails. Anyone can get a fungal nail infection, but it is more common in people who wear artificial nails. Your doctor can prescribe either a topical medication that you apply directly to the nails, or an oral medication that will attack the infection from within. Occasionally, nail problems are an early indicator of more serious health problems, so be sure and check with your doctor if you have concerns about the health of your nails.


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Post 4

biotin seems to work for me. i have tried other vitamins but biotin is the best.

Post 3

Sunny27- I heard that many rich foods aid in the strengthening and development of nails. For example, Biotin is found in vitamin B and aids in strengthening nails.

Biotin can be found in egg yolks, fish, beans, nuts, and dairy products like milk or yogurt. Vitamin B aids in the cell renewal of the nails which would ultimately help them grow.

Another vitamin that's very helpful in nail growth is vitamin A. Vitamin A also helps to strengthen nails and can be found in foods such as spinach, carrots, and broccoli.

Also vitamin C helps to develop speed in growing nails. It actually speeds the process of nail growth. Foods rich in vitamin C are oranges, strawberries, and tomatoes to name a few. The active development of collagen is what makes this vitamin essential for fast nail growth.

Post 2

Suntan12-A friend of mind told me that she uses Strong Results nail serum by Avon. It seems to work too.

Her nails got really long in about a week. They also say that if you type or play the piano it stimulates nail growth too. I don’t know if it’s true, but it is worth a shot to have nice nails.

I also think that eating nutritious meals and taking multivitamins also improve the health of your nails.

There are a lot of nail growth products, but I think a combination of everything will prove to be the best nail growth system.

Post 1

In order to maintain natural nail growth, it is best to allow them to soak in milk or vinegar for a few minutes everyday.

In addition, if you add a clear coat on top every day for a week, your nails should grow. Consider a nail strengthener like Sally Hansen Hard as Nails clear coat.

This will keep your nails from splitting or breaking which is the reason most women don’t have long nails.

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