How can I Improve Employee Morale?

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Improving employee morale benefits everyone involved in a work place. Boosting it means that people will take more pride in their work, call in sick less often, and be more productive. Happier employees mean happier employers, since the employer will not lose money due to inefficiency and lost time. Improving employee morale can be accomplished fairly easily.

Most people thrive on feeling appreciated. You can improve employee morale by showing your appreciation in simple ways, such as rewarding an employee by saying, "job well done," or, "thank you for the good work." It is a grave mistake on the part of employers to only interact with their workers when there is a problem.

Another way to show appreciation and boost morale is by being friendly and interested in your employees. A warm smile and a sincere query about how one is doing will in turn motivate employees. Knowing people’s names and personalizing the work environment inspires employees to want to help you.

Encouraging social interaction between employees and immediately resolving conflict is another way to improve employee morale. Social events such as office picnics and softball games create a sense of camaraderie between employees. Social interaction positively influences cooperation and a general enthusiasm about coming to work everyday. Isolation, on the other hand, causes depression and a lack of motivation.


Another way to improve employee morale is by offering reward incentives. A job well done might be rewarded with a gift card or a cash bonus. This reward can come as a surprise to the employees who earn it, or it can be announced as a sort of game or contest. Having a goal to work towards that directly benefits the employee can help create enthusiasm, which tends to be contagious.

A very important factor in improving employees's work morale is the work environment. Psychological research shows that atmosphere greatly and directly affects the motivation level and feeling of well being of the employees in a workplace. When possible, providing comfortable and aesthetically pleasing furniture is one way that researchers suggest to motivate people. Lighting, flowers and artwork can also help improve morale.

Obviously, providing a pleasant atmosphere is not always possible, for instance in factories or repair shops. In these types of environments, offering a pleasant break room or relaxation area helps to improve morale. In any work environment, safe and comfortable conditions improve employee morale by giving workers a reasonable sense of security.


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Post 8

Great advice! It is so important in these economical times that employers have high morale in the work place. Not only is it beneficial for the employees, but it is great for the employer too! I enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading more. --Courtney P.

Post 7

There's an old saying that applies very much to this subject: "People will forget what you said, and people will forget what you did, but people will never, ever, forget how you made them feel."

Post 6

Who is the joker who wants to know if they give an employee cash if it has to be in a check with deductions. Not if your intent is to pay the employee under the table and the cash is coming out of your pocket. Otherwise, the employee is failing to pay taxes, SSA and a slew of other things on earnings and you the business is failing to pay your share of unemployment costs and whatever other fiduciary liabilities you hold to your state.

I hope you can find a way to hide the funds in your AP/AR registers, because if they are not earnings you just paid, then what are they? Furthermore, this would classify as a

bonus which the IRS has a whole slew of fun additional tax thresholds for.

In this day and age, a company shouldn't even be giving gift cards without adding them as a taxable earning to an employee's W2. Sad, but true.

Post 5

it's so important for employee to feel that he works in a good environment. It will increase his work.

Post 4

Thanks a lot for such enlightened information. I am a student. It will definitely help me a lot in my preparation.

Post 3

Pay is pay and is always taxable- Bonus or not.

Post 1

When giving an employee cash for 10 years of service with our company, does it have to be a payroll check with deductions taken out of it? Or can it be taken from petty cash and entered as an employee expense?

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