How Can I Hide Cellulite?

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Since it is extremely difficult if not impossible to get rid of, most people must find a way to hide cellulite if they do not want others to see it. Perhaps the easiest way you can do this is to wear clothes that cover it. Self-tanning products, makeup, or shimmery body sprays can all be used to mask its appearance. Exercise can help firm the muscles under cellulite, smoothing its appearance. Another option you may want to try is cellulite creams, which typically will not get rid of cellulite but may make it look better for a period of time.

Choosing the right clothing is a simple way for you to hide cellulite. Pants are always a good choice, and for women who choose to wear skirts or shorts, longer ones can cover up bumps or dimples higher on the thighs. Opaque tights, fishnet stockings, or dark panty hose may help if you prefer a shorter skirt. If you are concerned about cellulite showing while wearing a bathing suit, you can either look for a suit with a skirt or shorts as the bottom, or wear a wrap or shorts over it.

Another way you can effectively hide cellulite is to use a product on your skin that reduces its appearance. Since the shadows of dimples show more clearly on pale skin, a self-tanner that darkens the skin can help. Makeup may also help even out the coloration of your skin and make cellulite less noticeable. A body spray that contains shimmer can also have this effect.

Exercise can also help to hide cellulite, though the results will take time and effort before they appear. Aerobic exercises that use the legs such as running or cycling as well as targeted moves such as lunges or squats can strengthen and firm the muscles under your cellulite, which can in turn smooth it out. A consistent exercise program may also lead to weight loss, and since cellulite is fat, this may help.

You may also wish to try creams specifically made to improve the appearance of cellulite. These products can help moisturize, firm, and plump the skin, or they may contain ingredients such as caffeine to help improve circulation to the area. They typically need to be used consistently to effectively hide cellulite, however, and their benefits will likely fade quickly if you stop using them.

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