How can I Hide a Bald Spot?

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A bald spot is a small patch of thinning or absent hair in an otherwise full head of hair. Unless hair loss is the result of medication, scarring or disease, thinning hair typically occurs in middle-aged people, becoming more noticeable as they age. While not necessarily an indicator of pending baldness, thinning hair and bald spots can pose a cosmetic concern to some people. Fortunately, there are several ways to hide a bald spot.

Some people may be able to hide their bald spots by wearing an appropriate hairstyle. Though frequently seen, the comb over is not the most fashionable solution or the least obvious. Instead of growing out a section of hair to a length that can be combed over your bald spot, grow your entire head of hair out evenly. Opt for a medium or long layered cut, which can add body and allow you to style your hair in a way that naturally covers your bald spot.

For men, practical hairstyling may be more challenging as they tend to wear shorter haircuts, but a medium-short length cut with layers can accomplish the same thing. Those with particularly large bald spots cannot accomplish a tactful disguise with a hairstyle alone and should avoid attempting to comb hair over too large an area.

For those people with large bald spots or several spots of bald and thinning hair, the only solution may be to wear a wig or toupee. Some people are put off by this idea, but in truth, wigs have come a long way in recent years. Many wigs are now made with natural hair, not artificial, and can be cut and styled in any way you choose. Partial hairpieces and inserts are also available as an alternative to a full wig. Choosing a well-trained and experienced retailer and stylist will ensure you get a quality hairpiece and that its appearance is tailored to your style.

People who would rather not wear wigs or hairpieces, but still have trouble growing a full head of hair, may elect to have extensions woven into their existing hair. While this procedure can add length and volume, only a small amount of disguise is possible where a bald spot is concerned. Other salon services, such as perms, can provide extra body and volume that help with hiding bald spots.

If you are concerned with thinning hair or a particular bald spot, consult a hairstyling professional about your options. He or she may be able to recommend a specific product or service that will help. If you have bald or thinning hair as the result of a medical cause, ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist who deals with cosmetic issues or a wig specialist. There are also many catalog wig retailers available on line and by mail.

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Post 5

I'm a female and have bald spots on my scalp. They're small so I just use a colored spray to hide them. It works but I have to do it every day.

Post 4

@Buster29-- I highly recommend using a hair piece. Experienced salons can do this for you. It's just a hair piece that is applied only to the front hairline where hair loss has occurred. The hair piece is mixed with your natural hair so it's not noticeable. Many male celebrities use these. They are easy to use and look great.

If you want a permanent solution, then a hair transplant might be best. It will cost a lot more, but you won't ever have to worry about hair loss or bald spots again. The procedure is simple. A doctor takes hair from your neck area and implants it into the front of the head. Hair takes root and starts growing naturally again in those areas.

Post 3

I don't mean to be rude, but I hate it when men try to cover up a bald spot on their scalp by growing another segment of their hair very long and then combing it over that spot. It looks so bad! And it's so obvious. People need to stop doing that.

Post 2

@buster29, I feel your pain on the hairline problem. I tend to brush all of my hair straight back off my face, which starts to look like a 50s pompadour if I don't keep it cut medium-short. You might ask your barber to find your natural part and create a style that combs over to one side. It won't disguise both balding spots, but at least you won't have that widow's peak look anymore.

Post 1

Male pattern baldness does not run in my family, but lately I've notice my hairline has been getting higher and higher around the temple area. Everything's fine on the top of my head and the spot in the back where a lot of men start getting bald. It's just those two areas in front that are troublesome. Is there anything I can with my hairstyle to minimize a receding hairline like that?

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