How Can I Help My Body Fight Infections?

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Prescription antibiotics are widely used to fight infections in the body. Leading a healthy lifestyle may lessen the need for these medications and assist the body's natural ability to fight infections. Maintaining a healthy diet is an essential part of strengthening the immune system. Proper amounts of rest, a moderate exercise program, and avoidance of harmful substances such as alcohol and tobacco can also help the body fight infections. Any questions or concerns about strengthening the ability to fight infections should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional.

Healthy dietary habits greatly increase the ability of the body to fight infections. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed raw whenever possible in order to gain the maximum amount of vitamin and mineral density. Organic produce is free of the pesticides and chemicals that could have adverse effects on the human body and actually increase susceptibility to infection.


Nutritional supplements can be beneficial for those who do not consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamins C, D, and E are especially useful for helping the body fight infection. Vitamin C is naturally found in foods such as citrus fruits and is widely used to prevent and treat illnesses such as the common cold. Vitamin D is best taken in the form of a dietary supplement and may be helpful in treating infections such as HIV and influenza. Found in nuts, olives, and many dried herbs, vitamin D is thought to be especially useful in treating infections involving the respiratory system.

The cells and tissues of the body repair themselves during sleep, so it is important to get proper amounts of rest so that the body can adequately fight infections. A moderate exercise program can also be beneficial, although a doctor should always be consulted before beginning a new dietary or exercise routine. Substances such as alcohol and cigarettes can reduce the body's ability to fight infection and should be avoided.

Stress relief can greatly improve the ability to fight infections within the body. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, or meditation may help to calm the nerves and assist with relaxation. Nutritional aids, including melatonin supplements or chamomile tea, may help to promote relaxation as well as naturally treating insomnia. Those who suffer from recurrent infections may want to consider the daily use of a good-quality multivitamin in order to increase the body's ability to fight the harmful substances that cause these infections.


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Post 4

A few years ago, I had a stressful job, no time to exercise, and a snoring husband who would not let me sleep. I got sick so often, and I had a hard time recovering.

I finally traded my job in for a work-at-home position to reduce stress. I had more time for exercise then, and I got my husband to exercise with me, so he lost weight and stopped snoring so much. Everything came together, and I don't get sick much at all now.

Post 3

@shell4life – It's important to drink plenty of water. Soda and tea are not enough, because they don't properly hydrate you and flush out toxins.

Also, drink a glass of cranberry juice every day. It's acidic, and it keeps bacteria from clinging to your urinary tract. Even doctors say it can prevent urinary tract infections.

You can even fight these infections naturally with cranberry juice and water if you catch them early enough. Drink about two glasses of cranberry juice a day, and drink water the rest of the day. Take cranberry extract supplements, and consider eating pineapple and yogurt for extra acidity in your diet.

Post 2

Is there anything I can eat or drink to prevent infections of the urinary tract? I seem to get these at least a couple of times a year, and I'd like to do everything I can to prevent them.

I have to get antibiotics, and I don't like being dependent on them. I don't want my body to become unable to fend for itself.

Post 1

I always thought that sunlight was the best source of vitamin D. Also, getting out in the sun can improve your mood and reduce stress, so this could help keep you healthy.

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