How can I get Younger Looking Skin?

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It seems that everyone is after the fountain of youth, and men and women alike spend vast amounts of time and money in the quest for younger looking skin. While you can go the route of Botox® treatments, chemical peels, and the many variations of cosmetic surgery, there are simpler, and far less costly ways to help your skin retain its vitality. Creams and lotions may help to a degree, but certain common sense procedures will help even more. These begin with protecting your skin from the ravages of ultraviolet (UV) rays and smoking.

Protect your skin by not over-exposing it to the harsh rays of the sun. If you are going to be outside for a prolonged period, wear a hat and apply sunscreen. Many people think they only need sunscreen during the heat of summer, but this is not true. The UV rays do not care about temperature, and sunscreen is just as important in the winter as in the summer.

The second enemy of your skin is smoking. If you smoke, you are doing massive damage to the micro capillaries in the top layers of your skin. Blood vessels shrink and become narrower each time you light up, and your skin will begin to lose its elastic properties. The results of smoking on skin are wrinkles, bags, and sagging jowls.


Some wrinkle creams do work, for some people, but they rarely work as well as advertised. Creams and moisturizers are not miracle drugs, and any improvement in skin quality they might provide will be limited. The best ones often contain a derivative of vitamin A known as retinol, as well as compounds such as hydroxy acids, copper peptides, kinetin, and tea extracts. It should be noted that pregnant women, or women who seek to become pregnant, should avoid vitamin A derivatives as some research indicates they can play a role in birth defects.

Proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can play a huge part in achieving younger looking skin. Pass on the caffeine as much as possible, and also get plenty of sleep. The latter, more than anything else, will help your skin heal and refresh itself. Make sure you drink up to 3 quarts (2.84 liters) of water every day, and avoid fad diets. Nuts, fresh fruits, multi-grain breads, and any fish with an abundance of omega 3 acids will help your skin look younger longer.


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Post 20

I have found the perfect skin care line. It is made by Rodan and Fields, the dermatologists who created Proactive. They have an anti-aging line and it works. I am 57 and my skin never looked better.

Post 19

Anything to an extreme can be hazardous, even being rigidly healthy and obsessed with your outer self-image. It is of course okay to care, and want to look your best, but just don't get obsessed and try to look or be anyone but yourself.

You are beautiful inside and out! Once you realize you are beautiful inside, you will start to realize how beautiful you are outside too! Love yourself for the wonderful person you are, not who society or anyone says you should be!

Post 18

When you get into middle-age and beyond, you have to remember that everything changes over time. Gravity and other factors of life eventually catch up to us in one way or another.

No matter how healthy you are, how much cream and sunblock you slather on, how much money you spend on face-lifts, etc. there will always be something you are going to feel self-conscious about.

In conclusion, I say of course try to eat as healthy as you can. Drink as much water as you can. Sleep as much as you can. Put on as much and as many lotions as you want, but remember, relax and breathe too.

Post 17

I think you also have to keep in mind that genes do play a role in a lot of things, even in skin elasticity and what-not. I have had stretch marks since I was a Freshman in high school, and the only explanation that makes sense is my lack of elasticity in my genes because I did not drastically change in weight or height.

Also, do not forget that your age has something to do with how healthy/vibrant your skin looks.

I am in my late twenties and am pretty health conscious, yet I already see a couple wrinkles forming.

Post 16

Younger looking skin is always going to be important to people, especially in this culture, where looks are so important.

I think that the best way to have healthier, younger skin is to eat healthy, drink healthy, and just simply take care of yourself as much as possible.

When I exercise on a regular basis my whole body looks better, even my face.

Also, I think sleeping and drinking lots of water makes a huge impact on your skin, and your overall mood too!

But I also appreciate the reminder about wearing sunblock all year-around instead of just in the warm to hot months.

Post 15

My grandmother just turned 80 and her skin looks amazing for her age. She's always had really nice skin, and her secret isn't some fancy moisturizer!

Every night before she goes to bed she mixes avocado oil with vitamin E and slathers it on her face. She's been doing this every night for years, and I think it must really work!

One bonus to this treatment is that it's pretty inexpensive, especially compared to some of the stuff you can buy at the drugstore. Also, it's all natural.

I'm pretty lazy about my skin, but whenever I start worrying about looking younger I'm definitely going to do this.

Post 14

I make sure to use quality skin lotion and moisturizer on my skin. I don't go anywhere without some kind of lotion close by.

I have a travel size that I keep in my purse, in my desk drawer at work and on my nightstand. This keeps my hands soft and smooth.

I also use a good lotion all over my body when I get out of the shower. When my skin is still slightly damp, the lotion is really absorbed into my skin.

Getting enough sleep is probably first on my list for younger looking skin. When I am burning the candle at both ends and don't get the rest I need, I can see it right away in the skin tone on my face.

Post 13

When I was younger I spent a lot of time out in the sun and have been trying to make up for that for the last several years.

One thing I am very consistent about is using a moisturizer every morning and night. There are some nights when I am really tired and don't feel like taking my makeup off, but usually make myself do it anyway.

I always feel so much better and think I even sleep better when I go to bed with a clean face that has been moisturized.

Using a good moisturizer on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do to keep your skin hydrated. My moisturizer has shea butter in it which is very soft and soothing.

Post 12

I have been using cheap skin moisturizers for years, but none of them have helped my skin look any younger. I finally caved and bought a slightly more expensive one, and I got what I paid for, because it gives my skin an instant boost.

This moisturizer has a creamy consistency, yet it spreads like a mousse. A little goes a long way, and that helps me get more for my money.

I use my third finger to apply it, because I have always heard that is the weakest finger, so it won’t tug as hard at your skin and cause wrinkles. I put it under my eyes first, gently patting it into the delicate skin.

I use it all over my face at night and in the morning under my makeup. It makes my skin instantly radiant. In the morning, I appear more awake and even a little younger because of it.

Post 11

I started eating healthy foods just to feel better and have more energy. As a side benefit, my skin’s appearance improved. I look fresher and more hydrated than before.

I eat at least three kinds of fruit and one type of vegetable each day. I use multi-grain bread on sandwiches. The thing about the fish and nuts is that I have to watch how much of them I eat. Tuna can be harmful if you eat too much of it because of its mercury levels, so I eat it once a week. I eat more salmon than tuna, and I think it’s safe to consume however much I want of it.

Nuts are wonderfully delicious, but they are also fattening. I try to limit myself to a handful per day.

Post 10

@seag47 - I agree with you about the effectiveness of chemical peels. I use one that is less complicated than the one you describe, and I am very happy with the results.

It comes in a small cosmetic jar. Cotton pads with rough nubs are stacked up inside and saturated with the chemical. If you keep the lid on tight, they stay wet for over a year.

I simply wash my face, pat it dry, and swipe a treated cotton pad over my face and neck. I can instantly feel a tingling sensation, so I know it’s working. I swipe it a couple of times over my problem areas, like rough patches or acne-prone regions.

I let it dry naturally. I don’t even have to wash it off. I can see a glow and feel a smoothness within a couple of minutes.

Post 9

The thing that has helped me the most on my quest to achieve younger looking skin is an inexpensive at-home chemical peel. I found out about it while reordering my favorite moisturizer online, and I decided to give it a shot. My dermatologist had given me more harsh treatments before, so I knew I could handle one of lesser strength.

The set comes with a plastic container with a lid, capsules containing the treatment, and a scraper to remove it. You crack open a capsule and pour the contents into the container. Then, you fill it halfway with warm water and shake for one minute. It turns into a glob of gel, which you spread all over your face.

Depending on how tolerant your skin is of the chemical, you can leave it on for one to three minutes. Then, you take the scraper and shove it off, rinsing it as you go. When it is all off, rinse your face and pat it dry.

I did this, and I noticed my skin was much smoother and radiant. I would recommend it to anyone looking for this effect.

Post 8

Every night in the shower I use a coarse pad to scrub the skin on my face. I use a little bit of pressure but I am not grinding away at the skin.

The idea is that the the pad will clear away dead skin and other build ups on my skin. Afterwards my skin is a little red and irritated for about an hour but usually I am sleeping so it doesn't matter. When I wake up in the morning my skin is smooth, clear and ready to regrow new cells.

I don't know much about the science behind this idea but I can tell you it works. My face feels incredible to the touch and I frequently get mistaken for a woman younger than I am. Best of all this treatment is just about free. All you need is a coarse washcloth.

Post 7

@cupcake15 - I once heard a very similar idea suggested by Jack Lelane. He was was, of course, probably the most famous fitness expert of all time and he suggested treating the muscles of the face just like you would treat any other muscle. If you exercise them regularly they will remain taught and youthful looking.

I actually saw a video of him going through a face workout and its pretty funny. It basically just looks like him making lots and lots of funny faces. But I can't argue with the principle behind the idea. If you workout your face your face will get stronger. Mkes sense right?

Post 6

I think the trick to having young skin for as long as possible is to have a suitable face care routine and never skipping it. I started using skin products when I was nearing forty and I really regret waiting so long. My daughter is twenty now and I tell her to start using face creams and eye creams appropriate for her skin.

I also realize that there is only so much we can do with face creams, because we are aging and it's inevitable to prevent all signs of aging. Plus, considering how much we spend per year on anti-wrinkle creams and face treatments, we would probably save money by getting cosmetic surgery. I'm open to this possibility and I might get botox or another operation in ten or fifteen years.

Post 5

I heard that people with dry skin develop wrinkles earlier because oil in the skin helps fight wrinkles. This is bad news to me because I have very dry skin.

I'm trying to avoid wrinkles by using a lot of moisturizer though. I always clean my face morning and night and follow with a nice moisturizer with SPF. I use heavier moisturizers in winter, because my skin dries out even more then. I also do oil treatments and use a moisturizing face mask once a week.

I'm hoping that I can avoid wrinkles for as long as possible this way.

Post 4

@Moldova - The other day I was watching a television program about ways to look younger and the dermatologist on the show also suggested daily exercise. She said that the exercise causes the blood flow to the face which will cause a nice glow on your face after you exercise.

She mentioned that even after a few hours of finishing your workout the glow will still be there. I think that when you develop healthy habits like this it will automatically reflect on your face.

Post 3

@Crispety - You are right about the salmon. Whenever I eat foods like this my skin feels so soft and do develop a natural glow. There are also a lot of skin treatments that you could do to make your skin look younger.

Exfoliating your skin with a scrub a few times a week removes the dead skin layers of your skin and makes your face look smoother and appear younger. I would always follow that up with some moisturizer which will allow the skin to absorb the moisture and not only will your skin look smoother, but it will also be softer.

This also allows for your skin tone to even out which is another thing that tends

to age our face. There are many skin creams on the market that offer exfoliating benefits along with moisturizing benefits. Applying this type of cream on a nightly basis will also make a difference after a few weeks.

You should also consider a chemical peel which will strip the skin of the dead skin layers as well. Whatever you decide to do remember that these products and services can lessen the wrinkles but nothing short of a face lift or Botox treatments will eliminate them.

Post 2

I definitely think that one of the ways that our skin ages prematurely is through excessive sun exposure. Protecting your skin with sun screen daily will go a long way in making your skin look younger. Staying out of the sun is the best way to do this.

I also agree with the writer that drinking plenty of water also keeps the skin hydrated which makes it appear smoother. You should eat foods that have omega 3 fatty acids which also moisturize the skin and leave it with a nice glow that you can’t really get from any moisturizer.

If you don't like to eat fish, you can always buy fish oil pills that contain the omega

3 fatty acids and this will do the trick. These pills are not only good for your skin, but they are great for your heart as well. I usually take a pill with every meal and I have noticed a difference in my skin.
Post 1

I completely agree that not smoking and eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water are essential to looking healthy and young.

When I was working and was busy with deadlines, I would ignore my diet and would eat unhealthy food at random times of they day. I also forgot to drink water for most of the day. I realized that my skin condition was getting worse and worse. It looked very dull and I had dark circles and lines appear around my eyes.

When I started to stay home, I was not stressed and ate lots of vegetables and fruits and drank at least eight glasses of water every day. My skin improved on its own

, the dark circles are gone and the wrinkles and lines are doing better.

Of course, I use a face cream as well, but it's so important to feed skin from the inside with nutrients as well as from the outside with creams. I really look younger now.

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