How Can I Get Rid of Puffy Eyes from Crying?

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Puffy eyes from crying are pretty common; some people also experience this symptom from allergies, or from not getting enough sleep, among other reasons. It may be difficult to get puffy eyes to go away completely in a short period of time, but the condition can certainly be reduced and made less noticeable and more comfortable. Splashing cold water on the face, or placing tea bags, cold spoons, or a chilled face mask on the eyes is one of the best ways to reduce swelling. Drinking water an also help to reduce swelling around the eyes, as well as trying to take deep breaths through the nose.

Holding something cold on the eyes is recommended because it helps to constrict blood vessels and reduce redness as well as puffiness. Begin by splashing cold water over the eyes to clean them,, and begin the vascular constriction. If you have a gel eye mask that has been cooled in the fridge or freezer, this can be placed over the eyes to help the sinuses drain and to help reduce puffiness. Puffy eyes from crying can also be treated with other remedies if you do not have a designated eye mask.


Placing cold spoons over the eyes can help to get rid of the problem. In addition, even just putting some ice in a bag, wrapping the bag in a dish towel, and placing that over the face can function similarly to an eye mask. Some people also find that chilled cucumber slices or a tea bag dipped in warm water and then placed over the eyes can be very effective. The tea bag should be dipped in warm water for a few seconds to encourage the release of the tea, which is what helps to reduce the swelling.

Crying for long periods can lead to dehydration, and so drinking water can also contribute to relieving puffy eyes from crying. Staying hydrated will help to take care of that. In addition, cutting back on salt in the diet overall can make you less likely to get puffy eyes in the first place, whether they come from crying or from other causes such as not getting enough sleep. This is because salt contributes to water retention in the body, and puffiness in the eyes and face.


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