How Can I Get Rid of Lip Pigmentation?

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Whether you have upper or lower lip pigmentation, dark brown patches can be made less noticeable by staying out of the sun whenever possible. Drinking plenty of water to keep yourself adequately hydrated can help lessen the appearance of pigmentation as well. To get rid of extreme cases of lip pigmentation, however, laser treatment by a dermatologist might be a good solution.

If you are very concerned about the appearance of lip discoloration, first receive an evaluation from a cosmetic adviser or a dermatologist. She can help you decide the proper course of treatment. A dermatologist might also prescribe medications to help reduce your pigmentation. While medications might not eradicate the patches on your lips, they might reduce the appearance dramatically.

A dermatologist might also recommend some skin bleaches to help smooth out discolored patches. Skin-bleaching products should only be used under the advice and supervision of a physician. She will be able to recommend how often to apply the bleaching agent, and the correct amount to use.

Consult your dermatologist about other treatment options for pigmentation. She may recommend a chemical peel. Try to find a peel product with gentle ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin. Check the skin peel ingredients to be sure they are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.


Sun exposure can aggravate some skin pigmentation disorders. Patients should avoid sun exposure as much as possible or lip pigmentation may worsen. When you are outside during a sunny day, wear protective sunscreen and a large-brimmed hat to shield your lips from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Your dermatologist might also recommend microdermabrasion treatment for your pigmentation. This method of treatment will exfoliate the layers of skin on your lips. Microdermabrasion will also help to produce more collagen, which can also smooth the appearance of dark patches on your lips. Microdermabrasion also helps remove dead skin cells from your lips, exposing a more even skin tone.

Nicotine from cigarettes can increase lip pigmentation in many individuals. If you are a smoker, you should quit, as this may help you remove lip pigmentation permanently. You should also avoid drinking coffee and tea, as these beverages may deepen the appearance of lip pigmentation.

Home remedies for skin pigmentation of the lips include applying a lip moisturizer daily or using a moisturizing lip gloss. Look for ingredients such as cocoa butter and Vaseline® or apply a dab of olive oil to your lips several times a day. Moisturizing lip products are good for lightening dark skin.


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Post 5

Just found out about this product on another thread and thought I'd try it. It's made for dark pigmented lips. It's called "Dark Lips Magic." I'll let you know how good it works. It seems to have many of the ingredients discussed here.

Post 3

My dermatologist has me on a topical cream with azelaic acid. It's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and it's used to fade blemishes and hyperpigmentation caused by rosacea, acne and malesma.

I'm using it for malesma that has caused dark pigmentation on my skin, including my lips. I've been getting great results with this cream, the discoloration is slowly going away.

If anyone is having a hard time with lip pigmentation, see your dermatologist and ask about this ingredient-- azelaic acid.

Post 2

@burcidi-- I agree with you. I have also heard about skin bleaching creams with hydroquinone being dangerous. I personally don't use these either.

I had a temporary dark spot on my upper lip last year that I actually didn't know was temporary. But I avoided using any medications or medicated creams because I was pregnant with my son. I was planning to have it treated after I gave birth. But two months after birth, the spot disappeared on its own!

I learned from my dermatologist later that this was a hormone caused discoloration that's common in pregnant woman! Usually it goes away on its own after birth.

Post 1

My sister had some lip pigmentation spots that she tried very hard to get rid of. She made the mistake of using skin bleaching creams on her lips. These didn't work, in fact, it made things worse by making the patches turn a bluish color.

I'm not a doctor and a dermatologist is the best source of information on this. But based on my sister's experience, I think people need to stay away from skin bleaching creams.

If you're really conscious about how your lips look, you can use concealer followed by a tinted lip balm the same color as your lips to hide the pigmentation.

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