How Can I Get Rid of Female Sideburns?

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Female facial hair is an embarrassing problem for many women, but it can be rather simple to get rid of. Although some women may want to reach for the razor to remove their facial hair, most experts agree that shaving is not the best way to get rid of female side burns. Instead, some women can bleach their facial hair, making it less noticeable. Facial wax and chemicals can also help remove female sideburns. Electrolysis and laser hair removal, on the other hand, offers a more permanent solution to female facial hair.

Shaving is one of the most common methods of facial hair removal for men. Women, however, are not usually advised to shave their facial hair. If a razor is used on the sideburns, they could start to feel rough or coarse as they grow back.

Bleaching facial hair does not actually remove it, but it does make the sideburns much less noticeable. This procedure is relatively inexpensive, and most women can do it at home with special face-bleaching cream that can be purchased in most large chain stores. It is applied to the noticeable facial hair and left on for a short period of time before being rinsed off. Women with sensitive skin should not use bleaching cream, since it can be irritating.


A mild depilatory creams may also be used to remove facial hair. While many depilatories formulated for use on body hair may be too harsh, some are specially designed for hair on the delicate skin of the face. Unlike bleaching creams, depilatory creams completely remove the hair. This method can also irritate sensitive skin, however.

Some women may also wax their sideburns. This method of facial hair removal can be painful, but it removes the hair for a few weeks. It may also cause a small amount of redness and swelling. Hot body wax should not be used on the face, though. Wax strips formulated for facial hair should be used instead.

Electrolysis is more expensive than other types of female facial hair removal, but the results are usually permanent. This type of hair removal procedure kills the hair's follicle, preventing it from growing back. It can be a little painful, however, and it often takes several sessions to remove most of a woman's sideburns.

Laser hair removal is another possible solution for female sideburns. It typically lasts a very long time, and it usually requires fewer sessions than electrolysis, although it's not always permanent. Typically, this procedure will work better on women with dark hair.


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Post 3

@Mor - I've had friends who swear by the laser treatment, although I've heard that the electrolysis is a safer bet, but it's extremely painful. I actually don't find waxing to be all that painful, at least after the first time, and it's nice to not have to worry about the hair for several weeks after it's done.

The main problem I find is that I get the occasional ingrown hair and that's really embarrassing because they look a bit like pimples. As long as you use a gel to get rid of ingrown hairs, though they don't tend to get too bad.

Post 2

@bythewell - I actually don't think the laser treatment is all that great. I've had it and it didn't seem to make much difference. Doing a quick shave every morning in the shower actually works quite well for me. It does get a little bit bristly, but generally sideburns hair is just like the kind of hair you have on your head and not the thick stuff that men grow on their faces. So it doesn't get too bad when you shave it regularly.

Of course, waxing it is better in the long run if you can stand the pain, since it does lead to the hair being finer and sparser the more you do it. But for some women they just can't see that as an option for whatever reason.

Post 1

I saw a TV special the other day where they highlighted the fact that hair removal places don't generally need to be accredited in any way. They can be dangerous because of that. The special had several women on there who had suffered from serious burns. It seemed like some places didn't give them even basic information on whether or not they should be having the treatment. For example, if you have light colored hair, like red or blonde hair, you shouldn't have laser therapy as it will burn your skin and do nothing to the hair.

I've had this treatment myself without any problems, but I can definitely see how it could be dangerous. Definitely make sure that the place you are going to knows what they are doing.

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