How Can I Get Rid of Eyebrow Dandruff?

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Getting rid of eyebrow dandruff depends, in part, on what is actually causing the dry, flaky skin in the eyebrow area. Depending on the cause, you may be able to reduce or eliminate eyebrow dandruff by using over-the-counter exfoliants and moisturizers, washing with dandruff shampoo, or applying topical steroid creams. In many cases, you'll find that, with proper treatment, the dandruff goes away fairly quickly. As skin around the eye is sensitive, you will want to be careful about which products you use around your eyes. If you have very sensitive skin or over-the-counter treatments are not effective in getting rid of your dandruff, you should seek medical attention and advice.

While many people associate dandruff with the scalp, it is possible to develop dry patches of skin just about anywhere on the body. If the cause of the dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis, a condition characterized by yellow-tinged oily skin flakes, you may be able to treat the condition by simply using a mild cleanser on your eyebrows once or twice daily. You may be able to use an over-the-counter dandruff shampoo on your eyebrows if a mild cleanser doesn't work. Be careful not to get the shampoo into your eyes and to rinse your eyebrows thoroughly after washing.


If your initial attempt at treating eyebrow dandruff with a dandruff shampoo doesn't work, you may need to use a topical steroid cream. You should be aware, however, that using a steroid cream over a long period of time can have negative effects on your skin. You may wish to speak to a doctor before taking this step, as he may be able to advise you on different treatments, including a prescription-strength dandruff shampoo. He may also be able to tell you if the dandruff is the result of a more serious skin condition, such as psoriasis or even a fungal infection.

In some cases, eyebrow dandruff may be a matter of dry skin. If this is the case, simple changes in your skin care routine may help. For example, you may wish to cleanse your eyebrows each day with a facial cleanser, rubbing them gently with a slightly abrasive washcloth. Follow this up with a moisturizing cream.

Another possibility is that you have developed eyebrow dandruff as an allergic reaction to a skin care product, cosmetic, or even a hair care product that affects your eyebrows as they come into contact with your bangs. If this is the case, you may wish to stop using all products for a couple of days to see if your eyebrows improve. If they do, slowly add products back to your daily beauty routine, one each day, until you can determine which is causing the irritation.


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And the first response is not to be taken as "gospel" either! One size does not fit all, just as one cure does not work for everyone as causes for eyebrow dandruff can vary widely.

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The above is terrible advice. eyebrow dandruff is a symptom of an underlying condition. Steroid creams, dandruff shampoo and the like will only hide your symptoms while the real problem on the inside of your body will get worse. Do not ask your doctor about this unless he/she is a licensed naturopathic physician who graduated from a 4-year medical school. I was cured of eyebrow dandruff after eliminating all wheat from my diet.

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