How can I get Rid of Bed Mites?

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You can get rid of bed mites through stringent sanitization and cleaning, repairing fissures and holes in floors or walls, and employing the use of chemicals. Bed mites are a parasite that gravitate toward mattresses, pillows, and cracks in floors and walls. They are not known to be biting mites, but they can attack by stripping off layers of skin, creating painful sores and blisters. Fortunately, there are several actions that can be taken to help you accomplish mite elimination.

Since bed mites are too small to be seen with the naked eye, you will likely sense their presence by either feeling them on your skin or having some sort of allergic reaction. The first step to eradicating these household mites is to strip all bedding from your mattress and wash it thoroughly in disinfectant soap and hot water. This should be done biweekly as a preventative measure even if you do not have a bed mite infestation.


The cleaning process, however, is just beginning. All walls, floors, and furniture in the room — especially furniture that may have cracks, holes, or deep recesses — need to be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant soap and hot water. The mattress itself is a favorite burrow for bed mites, and you may want to hire a professional mattress cleaning service to ensure you get rid of the pests. These companies utilize either ultraviolet light or steam to eradicate the mites from the mattress. Many companies will also provide the same service for pillows or cushions.

Another important step in wiping out bed mites is a meticulous repairing of any fissures, cracks, or other small openings in walls, flooring, and even furniture. Bed mites love dark, moist places, and these spots are a preferred nesting place, second only to mattresses and pillows. By going over holes with filler or sealant, you can keep more mites out and focus on destroying the ones that have already infested the area.

There is no definitive pesticide used for killing bed mites. There are other chemical products on the market which are not considered pesticides and contain benzyl benzoate and tannic acid. These two ingredients have shown great success in getting rid of bed mites and their associated allergens. Chemical-free pest control options are also widely available. These options eliminate mites and bugs without the use of toxic solvents; instead, most brands use substances that cause the mites to dehydrate and die off.


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Post 3
@ddljohn-- Do you use a humidifier in your bedroom? I never had a bed mite problem until I started using a humidifier. Apparently, mites love humidity, they don't survive very long in dry air.

Another way to kill them is to put the mattress in sunlight for several hours. They can't stand extreme temperatures. Some people kill mites in their clothes by freezing their clothes.

There are also bed mite sprays on the market to kill mites but I don't think those are a good idea. These cleaners are full of chemicals, so I don't think they're safe for bedding, especially if you're prone to allergies.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- You should seal your mattress with plastic. This will suffocate/starve the mites in the mattress and it will prevent them from reaching you while you sleep. Some stores sell mite bedding protection. It will be cheaper than a professional cleaning and you can use it for a long time.

However, you also need to seal pillows and comforters because if you have mites in your bed, you definitely have them elsewhere as well. You have to wash sheets and clothes often to prevent them from re-infesting.

Post 1

What else can be done other than professional cleaning for a bed infested with bed mites?

I know I have a mite problem, I can feel them biting me when I sleep but I honestly can't afford a professional cleaning right now. Is there another way to kill bed mites?

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