How can I get Rid of a Black Eye?

There are several steps that can be taken to effectively treat a black eye and to expedite the healing process. The first is to minimize the swelling. Black eyes occur when some outside force causes contusions in the tiny blood vessels surrounding the eye. By keeping the swelling at a minimum, the vessels can begin to heal more quickly.

A time honored means of dealing with swelling is to apply something cold to the area for a period of 10 minutes, wait 15 minutes, and apply a second round of cold compresses. Repeating this process several times over the first few hours after the incident will make a huge difference in the severity of the damage.

Choosing a cold medium for application is relatively easy. Many people swear by a frozen sirloin steak, while others will use an ice pack, or even grab a bag of frozen vegetables from the freezer. All of these choices are perfectly acceptable and will work equally well. One factor to keep in mind is to avoid any sharp edges coming in contact with the area around the eye. Generally, wrapping the cold object in a tea towel is sufficient.

Along with minimizing the swelling, you'll also need to address the collection of blood under the skin. In order to help the body reabsorb the collected blood more effectively, many people recommend ingesting additional amounts of vitamin C. Along with juices, eating papaya and pineapple are also helpful. Not only are both fruits packed with vitamin C, they also contain enzymes that will help to break down the molecular structure of the collected blood, which will speed up the process of absorbing the blood back into the system. People who don’t care to eat the whole fruit several times a day can find papaya capsules in most health food stores.

While most black eyes can be treated effectively at home, it is important to make sure to consult a health care professional if there is any bloody discharge from the eye itself, or an incidence of blurry vision. If you have any concern about the condition of the eye or the surrounding bone, go to the nearest emergency room for assistance.

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I believe that oranges helped heal my black eye. I ate two a day after injuring myself by running into the edge of a cabinet door hard.

I put a bag of frozen beans on it at first, but once the feeling had left my eye, I stopped. I did this every fifteen minutes for an hour.

I'm sure that reduced the swelling, but I believe that the vitamin C is what helped remove the blood from the area. I actually craved oranges during this time, and I believe the craving was my body's way of telling me what it needed.

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Arnica Ointment is also a worthy treatment for black eyes and bruising. You should always be careful applying anything around the eye, but application of arnica is a long known homeopathic treatment for bruising.

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@ Framemaker- There are actually quite a few minerals and vitamins that have an effect on bruising, and deficiencies in these vitamins can cause a person to bruise easily. Ingesting and applying some of these supplements can also increase the healing of bruising and help fortify capillary walls.

Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Zinc, and bioflavinoids will all help heal a black eye and prevent bruising. You can actually apply vitamin K cream to a bruise, and it will help a bruise disappear.

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Wow, I never knew there was a relationship between vitamin c and the amount of blood under the skin in a black eye. This is an interesting black eye remedy. Does the amount of vitamin C a person ingests have anything to do with how easily a person bruises?

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