How can I get Baby Sitting Jobs?

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Baby sitting jobs are always available for those who are qualified to fill them. Unlike daycare jobs, which are full time, baby sitting is usually on a part-time basis and may or may not follow a regular schedule. These jobs are a good way for high school and college students to earn extra cash when traditional jobs conflict with their school schedule. To land them, there are a few things you should do before you apply.

If you are not already trained and certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), you should do so. CPR certification reassures parents that you have been trained to handle emergency situations. While you are unlikely to encounter one, CPR certification will give you an edge as a professional baby sitter. Contact your local Red Cross or the health or fire department to learn about CPR certification classes in your area.

Similarly, you should take a short baby sitting class at a local recreation center. When applying for baby sitting jobs, you should be able to tell parents you have had extensive training and are prepared to handle various situations. Classes are a good way to gain experience, especially if you have none. Classes will provide you with an understanding of the work involved in baby sitting, how to be responsible for various age groups, and many other valuable pieces of information that relate to baby sitting.


Once you are well qualified, the next step is finding jobs. Most parents briefly interview potential baby sitters, so use the opportunity to evaluate the situation. You should feel comfortable with the family and their situation before you accept any offers. You should also be clear about your rules and expectations and make sure you understand theirs as well.

Being prepared and working with a family that is compatible with you is one of the best ways to get more baby sitting jobs. Word of mouth is the best advertising. If the first family who offers you a job is happy with you, odds are they are going to tell their friends. Before you know it, you will have more offers than your schedule will allow. If you do a good job and charge a fair rate, you can easily turn your baby sitting into a stable part-time income.


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Post 7

I`m a twelve year old girl looking for a decent job as a babysitter. the only thing is i don't have a lot of experience with babies but toddlers and older i can manage.

Post 5

i like babysitting little baby newborns. i can do it all at 16. i've been with them for a long time.

Post 4

Before looking for a babysitting job, it is a good idea to consider what types of jobs you would be willing to take. Would you be comfortable with small children or infants? How many children do you think you could handle watching and for how long?

You don’t want to get in over your head, and it is okay to turn down a job if you don’t think you would be up to it. Getting your first job is the hardest, but once you have some experience and references more jobs will come in fast.

Post 3

I used to babysit all the time during high school, and it’s a great job. Word of mouth is the way I got most of my jobs. Make sure to let any family or friends who have small children know that you are interested in babysitting.

I started out by just helping my neighbor when she was home, but wanted to be able to get work done. From there, I began babysitting for other people and most of my other jobs were because she recommended me to her friends.

I have seen advertisements at my local library and in the newsletter that goes out to my subdivision, but I have never tried those methods.

Be friendly and outgoing when meeting families, parents want to feel comfortable that you will pay attention to their children and won’t be preoccupied with friends or other things.

Post 1

what are some ideas to get a job?

for example: in the neighborhood,

how would you let them know that you are a babysitter looking for a job around the neighborhood

and to let everyone know other than word of mouth?

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