How Can I Get a Custom T-Shirt?

Sherry Holetzky

Whether you want to design your own custom t-shirt or have one created for you, there are various venues for making such a purchase. The first step is finding an outlet that carries the style and color of shirt you wish to order. The second step is insuring that the artwork can be designed or reproduced to your satisfaction. Third, you will likely want to find the most reasonable price for a quality custom t-shirt.

A t-shirt before being customized.
A t-shirt before being customized.

There are several different methods for making a custom shirt, including silk screen or screen printing. If you choose a screen print, you will generally be required to pay a fee for the screen. Aside from the set up fee, you will likely be required to pay an additional amount for each color added to your custom t-shirt. Besides the cost of paint, the application of each color requires additional time and effort. Each color must be applied separately and must dry completely before the next layer can be added.

Screen printing is a process used to print on a variety of surfaces, including shirts.
Screen printing is a process used to print on a variety of surfaces, including shirts.

A custom t-shirt may also be made using a printer, much like the one attached to your computer. This type of printing is quicker and usually less costly than screen printing. Other shops may use iron-on transfers, which can ensure that your artwork is reproduced perfectly, since it is scanned to the computer and then printed on transfer paper. However, the colors may not be as vivid and the design may not last as long as a screen print.

You can hire an artist to create a hand painted t-shirt for you as well, although prices and options vary. Street vendors or people who host booths at malls or festivals frequently offer one-of-a-kind, air-brushed shirts featuring anything from your name to a ready-made design. These shirts look great, but ask about laundering these and other custom shirts to keep them looking their best.

You might also check out print on demand outlets. Online shops like Café Press allow you to upload your own artwork and have one custom t-shirt printed at a time. You can order one or a hundred, and you can set up an online store that will allow others to order a t-shirt with your design. You might even make a profit.

Keep in mind that ordering a print on demand t-shirt is not cheap. Those who offer this service also need to make a profit. Still, the price may be more comparable to other options than you think, since most establishments that print shirts charge much more for an individual item than they do for a bulk purchase.

Shopping malls often host custom T-shirt booths.
Shopping malls often host custom T-shirt booths.

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