How can I Fix Squeaky Doors?

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A squeaky door can be a household nuisance, especially as the squeaks often get worse over time. A door begins to squeak because of friction on the hinges, which may be caused by a lack of lubricant or by a change in the door's position. In most cases, a squeaky door can be easily fixed, although if the problem is persistent the door may need to be rehung.

The most simple fix for a squeaky door is to spray a lubricant onto the hinges, rub it in with a cloth, and wipe the excess off. Use a liberal amount to make sure that the lubricant reaches all of the corners of the hinge, and swing the door back and forth several times to work the lubricant in. The hinge should be sprayed when the door is open and closed, to cover the entire hinge. In many cases, this will solve the squeaky door problem.


In some cases, you may need to take the pins from the hinges of a squeaky door. This is especially common with hinges that have been covered in paint, as the paint prevents the lubricant from getting inside. Gently tap the hinge pin with a screwdriver and hammer to get it out, and cover it thoroughly in a powdered lubricant such as graphite or silicone before working it back into the hinge. A powdered lubricant will last longer inside the hinge, reducing the number of times you need to take the hinge pin out in the future.

In extreme instances, the door will need to be rehung. In an older home, a squeaky door often begins because the house settles with age, changing the alignment of the door inside the door frame. This problem can also be common after a small earthquake. As the alignment of the door changes, it puts pressure on the hinges, which may begin to squeak.

To rehang a squeaky door, remove the hinges from the door frame or wall. They should also be taken apart and oiled at this time, if that has not already been done. Then remount the door so that the hinges are not twisted or torqued. In some cases, you may need to remove the hinges from the door as well, moving them to a new location so that you have a clean surface to hang the door from. In others, you may be able to slightly move the hinges and relieve the pressure which is causing the squeaky door.


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Does anyone know how to oil or lubricate a self-closing door hinge? Thanks. Bubba-K

Post 2

Don't use graphite to lube the hinges or you will eventually have black dust on your doors, floors, and moldings. It's better to use a silicon spray or a liquid lubricant (Liquid Wrench or General Purpose lubricant).

Post 1

Our interior doors have always had a tight fit. we sanded them down a little and then painted them with semi-gloss paint. it is not the hinges that are squeaking, but where the paint meets on the trim. lots of squeaking. Any advice? please help.


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