How Can I Fix Peeling Cuticles?

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Peeling cuticles are a common problem, although a few simple tips can help to keep the nails as well as the surrounding cuticles healthy and attractive. Careful attention to hygiene and cleanliness as well as using a suitable moisturizer are among the most important ways to prevent or treat peeling cuticles. Trimming excess tissue from the cuticles and maintaining a healthy diet that promotes healthy skin are also beneficial. Nail biting and the overuse of cosmetics such as nail polish should be avoided in order to reduce the risks of developing peeling cuticles.

Poor hygiene or nail maintenance neglect often lead to a variety of negative issues, including peeling cuticles. While harsh soaps and detergents should be avoided, the hands and feet should be kept clean and dry. Gloves should be used when handling any type of chemical agent, including those found in common household cleaning supplies. These chemicals are notorious for causing dry, cracked skin and may be responsible for more serious health issues in some cases.

Keeping the hands and feet properly moisturized is essential when trying to heal peeling cuticles. Moisturizing creams and lotions that contain alcohol should be avoided, as alcohol is very drying to the skin. When possible, natural moisturizers that contain few synthetic ingredients should be used at least a couple of times per day in order to ensure that the cuticles remain soft and healthy.


Careful nail grooming is an important part of preventing peeling cuticles. Special tools, such as a cuticle trimmer and orange stick, are available at most pharmacies or beauty supply stores for reasonable prices. Before using these instruments, the hands or feet should be soaked in hot water for a few minutes to soften the skin.

After the nails have been soaked, an orange stick should be used to gently push back the cuticles. Any loose skin that remains should be carefully trimmed with a cuticle trimmer that has been sanitized with rubbing alcohol to prevent the possible spread of infection. A special moisturizing cuticle cream can then be used to hold in the moisture and soften the skin. This process should be repeated every few weeks, as the cuticles may actually become damaged if they are manipulated any more often. Cosmetic products, such as nail polish and nail polish remover, should be used only occasionally, as these products can dry and damage the cuticles with frequent usage.


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Rundocuri, good point. I have found that using lotion that is labeled for very dry skin is the best way to prevent peeling skin and split cuticles.

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I have found that the easiest way to prevent peeling cuticles is to stop the problem before it occurs. If you treat dry cuticles with frequent moisturizing, you will avoid this problem.

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