How can I Find Wheelchair Parts?

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Owning a wheelchair is a lot like owning a car – every once in a while, parts need to be replaced. Sometimes you may just want an addition to your wheelchair to make life a little bit easier. But how do you find those wheelchair parts? The answer depends on the type of wheelchair and how specialized the part may be.

Many standard parts, such as tires, batteries and chargers, can be located by visiting the store of purchase. By bringing in your wheelchair and talking to a wheelchair expert, you can get the parts you need with little problem. They will even install the new part. Some wheelchair experts may actually even make house calls.

Getting the expert to come to you is recommended when the wheelchair used is specialized or specially adapted to suit only the needs of its occupant. For example, if you need more than just a lap belt as your seat belt, having the wheelchair expert come to you assures proper installation and positioning. Many seating systems are customized and would also require professional installation to assure proper fit and to minimize the risk of developing pressure sores.


Browsing the many online shops of wheelchair manufacturers and dealers is another way to get the wheelchair parts you need. Some wheelchair parts, though they may seem standard, vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so you need to have your wheelchair specifics handy. Details you may be asked to provide include the make and model of wheelchair, size and type of tires, etc. Installation, however, may be all on you or your loved one if you do not have access to a medical professional with at least a basic knowledge of wheelchairs.

Some wheelchair parts you may be searching for are not standard. Like the number of cup holders you desire in your vehicle, wheelchairs have optional accessories that simply make life easier. Things like wheelchair bags, cup holders, cane or oxygen tank holders, and lap boards or table tops are additions to wheelchairs that can manage everyday tasks but are not necessarily required. These items can be purchased through the dealer or manufacturer, or through an online store. Many specialized wheelchair “add-ons” do require you to know the make and model of your wheelchair and a basic knowledge of tools for self installation.

Since a wheelchair is a valuable device to assist with general mobility while adding a degree of independence to its user, seeking out wheelchair parts is an important decision to ensure the safety of the rider. It is recommended to seek out professional advice and assistance if the part is considered a necessary part. But for those options that have no bearing on safety, purchasing online may save you time and money.


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