How can I Find a Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

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A honeymoon is a wonderful time for a couple. With no time constraints and job pressures, a newly married couple is free to enjoy their time together. The honeymoon planning usually begins with choosing a destination, but where to go?

The first thing a couple needs to determine is whether they want a warm or cold honeymoon spot, and whether they want to stay fairly close to home or venture farther away. A couple that likes to ski may want to choose a skiing destination, especially if they marry in the winter. Beach destinations are popular regardless of the season. If the couple wants to stay closer to home, they may save money. By going to a far away place, they may have an opportunity to visit a place they may not have traveled to otherwise.

Budget will also determine the honeymoon destination. Some couples choose to spend less on the wedding in order to have a fantasy honeymoon. Couples may even choose a resort honeymoon destination, be married at the resort, and then vacation there. This option is popular for weddings in Las Vegas or the Caribbean. There are many honeymoon options for couples who don't have much money, but still want a memorable trip. Mountain chalets, small beach condos and road trips are all worthy of consideration.


If a couple decides on some sort of resort vacation, there is the all-inclusive option. This means that meals, many sports and other activities are included in the stay. All-inclusive trips are more expensive, but they do have some advantages, particularly in Caribbean destinations or other places where travel may be hazardous, such as a ski resort. When in the Caribbean, a couple may not want to rent a car or have to travel to restaurants to eat. An all-inclusive package means that meals are available on the hotel property, and usually drinks and snacks as well. However, some couples who may want to sample some of the local eateries may feel they are "wasting" the meals if they don't take advantage of the on site restaurants.

Finding the perfect honeymoon package may be as simple as a visit to the Internet. Travel sites are always promoting honeymoon vacations and couples may be able to take advantage of these specials. Travel agents may also be helpful and may have information on packages not available online.

The most crucial aspect of choosing the perfect honeymoon destination is advance planning. Many disasters result from a lack of planning or not having a contingency plan. A couple should always purchase trip insurance for a honeymoon if they are flying to their destination in the U.S., and especially if they are planning on traveling out of the country. They should make sure their passports are up to date, and take care of visas or other travel documents well in advance of their departure date. Travel agents usually provide great assistance on these matters, and even if the couple didn't book the vacation through a travel agent, consulting one about overseas travel may be a very good idea.

One good way to get the honeymoon started right is to get to the airport the night before, or break up a long road trip. Most airports have hotels and a couple who stays at the airport hotel does not have to worry about missing a flight because they got caught in traffic or overslept. If the couple is driving for more than about four hours after the wedding, or more than a couple of hours after an evening wedding, they should stay at a hotel at a good halfway point to their destination. They will be worn out from their day and may not be able to safely drive for long distances.

By starting the decision-making process early on, a couple can find the honeymoon destination that is perfect for them.


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Post 4

Cupcake15-I think a tropical honeymoon would be lovely especially being on a cruise.

It is so relaxing that it would be my first choice when considering a honeymoon trip.

I know some people go to all inclusive honeymoons like on a Sandals resort. Those are nice because everything is included even the liquor, whereas on a cruise the alcohol is an extra charge.

I think honeymoon travel packages like that are the most relaxing because you do not have to think about the bill because it was prepaid.

Post 3

Mutsy-I love Italy too. I think that another great honeymoon getaway is a trip to Paris.

Paris has wonderful food and just about the best pastries you can ever eat. It is also so beautiful that just sitting in a park watching people go by is a treat.

Like Italy, France has many cathedrals most notably is the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Another option for honeymoon vacation packages to consider is a cruise. These are great because you can go on a Jamaican honeymoon and travel or travel to St Martin or even Aruba.

If you consider going on a cruise to the Caribbean in September you can get a great deal and end up with a cheap honeymoon. Usually cruises are discounted almost 50% during that point because this is the height of hurricane season.

Post 2

BrickBack- There is also a little island of Bergamo that has colorful little houses.

This island specializes in linens. As a matter of fact, the late Princess Diana used to buy her table linens there. But if you go to Italy, you have to visit Rome.

The ancient ruins and the Coliseum are incredible. There are guided tours available as well as a head phoned aided assistance tour.

On my honeymoon trip, I also went to the Vatican. I just wanted to add that when you visit the Vatican, a women must wear a dress past her knees because if not they will not let you in.

Both my husband and I love history, so our honeymoon travels were perfect.

Post 1

I think romantic honeymoons should include a visit to Italy.

Italy has so many romantic spots. For example, St. Mark’s Square in Venice is a must. Taking a gondola ride is so romantic and beautiful.

Venice is beautiful and since it is surrounded by water, you can visit a lot of the little islands by boat.

I went to the island of Murano when I was in Venice and you get to see the amazing glass blown artwork created right in front of you. But don't buy your artwork there. Instead go to the shops in St. Mark's Square because they will be cheaper.

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