How can I Find a Good Plastic Surgeon?

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People choose to have plastic surgery for a large number of reasons. For some people, plastic surgery can correct the effects of an accident or birth defect. For others, plastic surgery can help them to achieve a physical appearance that they are more happy and comfortable with. Making the decision to undergo plastic surgery is a big one. It can take a great deal of time to decide whether or not to go through with such a procedure. However, it can also take a good deal of time to find the right plastic surgeon for you.

Begin by making a list. Use the Internet, Yellow Pages, an professional networks in the medical field. Also, be sure to speak with your physician about your plans. Not only can your physician counsel you about this process and make sure that you are fully prepared for your surgery, but he or she is also likely to know some plastic surgeons in your area. Finally, if you know anyone who has had plastic surgery, be sure to speak to them about their experiences. Are they pleased with their surgery? Would they recommend their plastic surgeon?


Once you have a pretty good list of possible plastic surgeons, begin to narrow it down. The best way to find the right plastic surgeon for you is to cast a wide net and then check the doctors against your list of specific needs. (You may want to outline these on a separate document for easy reference.) Do you want a plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience with your particular surgery. If you are having a surgery that your health insurance will cover some or all of, do you want a surgeon in your network? How far away from home are you willing to travel for your surgery? Is it important to you to go to a plastic surgeon who is a member of important medical boards or associations?

Once you have narrowed down your list, make appointments to consult or just speak with the surgeons you are considering. Many doctors and surgeons offer initial consultations free of charge. Make sure that you find someone with whom you feel comfortable. It is important to be able to speak very frankly with your plastic surgeon. Also, when you meet with these surgeons, ask to see their portfolios. A plastic surgeon’s portfolio will display his or her best work. Not only will you be able to judge a surgeon by his or her portfolio, but you will also be able to get an idea of what he or she might be able to offer you.

For more assistance in finding a plastic surgeon, consider using the resources provided by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Not only do these organizations screen surgeons for particular important qualifications, but they also offer information on how to get in touch with and schedule consultations with their doctors.


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