How can I Find a Good Lawyer?

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Having access to a good lawyer is rather like having a good car mechanic. They're both hard to find, but when you have one, you'll want to keep him for life.

A free consultation might help someone find a good lawyer.
A free consultation might help someone find a good lawyer.

Many people sift through their local Yellow Pages directory with hopes of finding a good lawyer. This is not one of the better methods of finding an attorney, but it is one many use. When using this method, ask the attorney if you can have a free consultation. This consultation will allow you to get a feel for the attorney, to "size him or her up" so to speak. During this consultation, you can discuss your case and talk about fees. Always ask an attorney what his fees will be, so you can avoid surprises that may show up on the attorney's invoice later.

Attorneys are listed in the Yellow Pages.
Attorneys are listed in the Yellow Pages.

Essentially, this consultation is an interview. You are discussing your case in hopes of determining if you would feel comfortable having this lawyer be an advocate for your interests. If the lawyer refuses to offer a free consultation or seems belligerent on the telephone, move on to the next choice. If you meet with the attorney, but don't feel a comfort zone, thank the attorney for his time and tell him you'll get back to him. You are under no obligation to hire this individual, so don't allow an attorney to pressure you into hiring him if you don't feel comfortable with that attorney.

A better way of finding an attorney is to call the local bar association near your town, city or county. Ask for the names of three lawyers who specialize in the area of law you need assistance with. For example, if you are an inventor seeking help with a new design, you will want the names of three lawyers or firms who concentrate on patent law. If you are seeking to adopt a child, these local bar associations will gladly offer the names of lawyers who handle adoptions. Go through this process until you find a lawyer you are comfortable with. A good lawyer is one who is knowledgeable about the law, determined to represent your best interests, and charges reasonable fees.

One additional method to put to use to find a good lawyer is to check with your family, friends, and work associates. If someone had a good experience with a particular attorney, they are always more than happy to recommend that individual. Many good attorneys do not advertise in the yellow pages or other similar directories. Rather, they rely on word of mouth referrals from happy clients to generate new clients.

A local bar association may provide names of lawyers to individuals who are interested in adopting a child.
A local bar association may provide names of lawyers to individuals who are interested in adopting a child.

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Check out reviews about local lawyers on avvo, superlawyers etc. Ask people who have used their services. That's the best way I believe.


A good way to find a good injury lawyer is to just look for lawyers that are close to your home. That's usually the first place to start.


I found a great personal injury lawyer through another friend. This personal injury lawyer in Hamilton helped a great deal. Thanks for the great article on other ways to find a lawyer. Consultations are a great way to see you if you are a good match!


Thanks for the help. My friend just had a really hard time finding an attorney who worked well with him. My friend told me about an attorney that he should have gone to. I think if you are in a situation where you need an attorney, you don't need any more stress added to your life.


Ask if the attorney is "AV" rated. If a lawyer has been practicing law for at least 10 years, there is a service that sends other lawyers an anonymous questionnaire that allows the lawyer's peers to rate him/her based on the lawyers legal ability (A is the best) and ethics (V is the best).

If you use an AV rated lawyer, then your chances of getting sound legal advice are better than using the internet or even a referral from a friend.


Thanks for having such a nice blog.


I was in an auto accident (hit on my bike) recently and did not want to have to find someone to help with a case. A friend suggested that I look online where I enter my info and they call me if they can take my case.

I think the site was called referrals key or something. Just do a search.


Usually an attorney that offers a "free" consultation has every intention of getting his/her money back. The time they spend on luring you in must be recovered so be prepared to pay for it in the end.

If you do go see one, look for signs of glibness and unrealistic promises. Unlike an attorney that's charged you for the consultation, they've invested an hour of their valuable time and will say whatever it takes to get it back.

An honest lawyer (if there is such a thing) will bill you upfront, because this frees them from having to use a shady sales pitch on you. You'll most likely get the truth about the real charges you can expect, and if you don't like it they still used their time productively.


good advice for starting the search when you are down and out.


thanks, that really helped out. :)

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