How Can I Enhance the Curl in Wavy Hair?

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You can amplify the texture of your wavy hair at home or at the hair salon using several methods. Styling products sold in stores and at salons include curling irons, gels, and other applications. Another option to consider is having a professional treatment, such as a permanent, performed by a hair stylist. To prevent dryness that is common in curly and wavy hair, use moisturizing conditioners with shea butter or aloe extract.

Ask your beautician to give you a haircut that will define the curl in wavy hair. Your hair designer may recommend a short to mid-length style, depending upon the shape of your face and texture of your hair. In addition, adding a few well placed layers can help intensify the natural curl in wavy hair. Before the stylist cuts and styles your hair, ask to see pictures of various styles.

If you choose a creme or mousse designed to add curls or body, choose something that will not leave a heavy residue on your hair. Some products tend to feel sticky and may make your curls fall flat. In addition, you might want to try a creme or mousse that controls flyaways and frizziness, while defining the curl in wavy hair.


Do not use smoothing shampoos and conditioners, as these products may relax your natural curls. Instead, choose hair care products that are designed to manage wavy and curly hair. If you have chemically treated hair, choose a shampoo and conditioner made to protect your color. For non-treated hair, you may use a clarifying product on a monthly basis, to strip build up that is damaging to curly hair. Curly hair may look dull and dry from loss of moisture, so choose an alcohol-free hydrating formula to add luster and shine.

When using a blow dryer, you can enhance the curl in wavy hair without damaging it, if you use the right products. You should always apply a hydrating gel to your hair before drying it. Use an ionic hair dryer that controls friz while adding shine. In addition, it's best to use a diffuser attachment to enhance the curl in wavy hair. Not only will the diffuser protect your hair from heat damage, it will add volume to fine hair, preventing your curls from falling flat.


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Post 3

@clintflint - It's only going to work if you've got hair that could either be wavy or curly though. If your hair only has a slight wave and no real natural curl it doesn't matter how kindly you treat it, it's not going to pop into ringlets by itself.

If you're really attached to the idea of curls in that case you pretty much have to either use a curling iron every day or get a long-term treatment done.

Post 2

@pastanaga - Another good tip is to use as much conditioner as you need to, since curly and wavy hair is often quite dry, and to use a piece of smooth cloth, like a t-shirt, to dry your hair rather than a towel.

Hair becomes frizzy when the shafts of the individual strands are ruffled up and using a normal towel on them can tend to do that since the texture is rough. Using something smoother helps to keep the hair smooth as well, which can help enhance natural curls if you have them.

I know that sounds a little bit silly, but it seems to work for me. If I use a normal towel to dry my hair it tends to go fluffy rather than curly.

Post 1

One of the best ways I've found to get my hair to curl is just to let it dry naturally in warm air. A diffuser attachment on a blow-dryer can help but it seems to work best on a really hot day in the sunshine, or if I turn up the heater in my car and it let it dry there.

Basically I just wash my hair, and scrunch in a bit of gel with a towel to get the majority of the water out of it and then not touch it again. It's movement that ruins the curls while they are forming, so the less you move around, the better.

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