How can I Eat Pomegranates?

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Eating a pomegranate can be a challenge, as these Asian fruits are notorious for being extremely reluctant to yield their flavorful and juicy interiors. There are a number of ways to eat pomegranates, ranging from extracting the seeds all at once to picking them out individually. Many people also like to develop their own techniques.

If you want to eat pomegranates, you need to start out by picking a good one. A good pomegranate will feel very heavy for its size, with smooth, shiny skin that has no wrinkles or cracks. Some discoloration in a pomegranate is acceptable, and these fruits range in color from almost orange to deep, dark red, so don't be too concerned about some color variation. Store the pomegranate in the fridge for up to a month, or on the counter for a few days.

The least messy way to eat pomegranates requires a few tools: a knife, a bowl of water, a sieve, and of course a pomegranate. Start by cutting off the crown of the pomegranate, scoring the rind lightly and tugging it away so that you do not accidentally remove seeds with the crown. Next, score the rind in several lines running from the base to the top, and then dunk the pomegranate into a bowl of water. Gently pull it apart along the scored lines, allowing the seeds to fall to the bottom, and flick the seeds out of the fleshy membrane.


Because you're working underwater, the pomegranate juice will not stain your fingers or garments. Once you have extracted the seeds, fish the membranes out of the bowl and then pour the water and seeds through a strainer or some cheesecloth. Pat the seeds dry, and consume as desired; you can also store the seeds in the fridge a few days.

Some people like to eat pomegranates in a more painstaking way, which involves cutting the fruit in half and then picking out the fleshy seeds and eating them one by one. This method is certainly acceptable, and it can be rather fun, especially outdoors, where the risk of stains is less of an issue. To speed the process up, you can cut the pomegranate up into several sections, making it easier to pick all the seeds out.

When you eat pomegranates, you are part of a tradition which is thousands of years old. People in Asia and the Middle East have been enjoying pomegranates for quite a long time, and these tasty little fruits also have some health benefits such as antioxidants. If you want to get really adventurous, you can play around with pomegranate juice and syrup, two popular ingredients in Middle Eastern food.


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One way to eat pomegranate is to make your own syrup. Cut a few pomegranates in half and juice them with citrus reamer. Add sugar, about 3/4 cup to 8 oz of fresh squeezed juice. Simmer your mixture for about 20 min.

You can use the syrup over yogurt, or blend with other fruit to make healthy breakfast drinks.

Pomegranate is known to improve heart health, and some research suggests that it may help prevent prostate cancer and osteoarthritis.

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