How can I Develop Leadership Skills?

Sheri Cyprus

Developing leadership skills can be easy if you concentrate on being a good leader to yourself first. This means being true to who you are and guiding yourself well throughout life. Those with good leadership skills aren't perfect and still make mistakes like everyone else. The difference is that good leaders learn from their mistakes and stay committed to the goals they set.

Active listening and observation can help a person develop leadership skills.
Active listening and observation can help a person develop leadership skills.

True leaders also understand how to apologize when they make a mistake and genuinely want others to succeed. You should have experience in the field you want to guide others in and think about what it felt like to be in their shoes as a learner. Remembering your own experiences in a certain subject can help you develop leadership skills that can inspire others. However, good leaders don't assume that everyone is like them. True leaders are excellent listeners.

Good leaders strive to learn about others.
Good leaders strive to learn about others.

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To put it simply, good leadership skills stem from being both self-aware and socially aware. Good leaders know themselves, while striving to learn about others through listening, observation and a compassionate, open attitude. The openness aspect of leadership means that you are open and honest with others and yourself. It also means that you're accessible to others for guidance and advice when they want it. True leaders tend to teach rather than preach.

Leadership through example means that you conduct yourself the way you expect those you're leading to do. For example, if you expect others to be on time, you yourself must be prompt. If your team is expected to conduct presentations in a certain manner, do your presentations that way yourself. True leaders are a part of the team they lead. Leadership skills should never be based on an attitude of superiority or arrogance and this type of attitude does little to motivate others.

In developing your leadership skills, find the style that best suits your personality. For example, the democratic style of leadership allows others to participate in decision making and the focus is on team agreement. The authoritative leadership style, on the other hand, is for leaders with a strong vision that wants others to follow it.

Courses in leadership can help a person develop skills.
Courses in leadership can help a person develop skills.

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Discussion Comments


SurfNturf- That is true but a leader must me smart enough to take special care of his team so that they will stay motivated and become productive.

Leadership skills also involve the ability to motivate others.


Suntan12- I agree with you. But I also agree that having a vision and being a forward thinker also demonstrates leadership skills.

A leader has to be able to see the big picture and how it relates to the daily tasks. This allows the leader to understand all aspect of the vision and be able to make it happen through his people.


I feel that leadership is also making decisions no matter how hard it is.

I believe that a true leader has strength of character that allows him or her courage to do what is right rather than what is comfortable.

It is a person that people generally come to rely on.

These leadership skills can be fostered in children by having children face adversity and allow them the opportunity to overcome it.

Overcoming adversity is a cornerstone to building character and confidence. Children that overcome adversity are less likely to skirt responsibility.

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