How can I Create a Multi-Functional Basement?

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Creating a multi-functional basement can maximize the space in a single family home. The family members can spread out and have a choice of activities to do and areas to be in. For example, an open basement space can be sectioned into different areas such as a children's play space, a games table, a bar and a television area.

A separate room that is part of a multi-functional basement can have many possibilities. Many basements are set up to contain at least one bedroom plus a small bathroom. This could work for guest quarters or as a bedroom area for a teen. For instance, two siblings sharing a room when smaller could each have their own room when they get older if one moves into the basement bedroom. A basement bedroom could also be used for a home office or a crafts room.

In the open basement layout, it's easy to create a television area as part a multi-functional basement. Comfortable seating and a coffee table with storage are basically all you need to go along with the audio visual equipment. A great way to divide the space from the rest of the room is to use a shelving unit to hold DVDs and game accessories. Be sure to place a room divider in a way that won't block off any natural light.


Another section in a multi-functional basement can hold a pool table, ping pong table, card table or other game equipment. Make sure to have enough space around game tables for people to fit comfortably and to be able to use pool cues and table tennis paddles. Be sure to have good lighting overhead as well.

If you're not using a separate bedroom as a home office, you may want to make a small computer area. A screen or shelving unit can section off the space. You can also turn a closet into computer desk and shelf space or fit a computer desk and shelves in the area under the stairs of some houses.

A bar area can be a popular part of a multi-functional basement. Even just a mini fridge and a cupboard to hold snacks can save trips upstairs to the kitchen. The main thing to figure out when designing a multi-functional basement is to consider the needs of your family and how best you can structure the space to meet those needs.


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