How can I Create a Gift Basket for a Housewarming?

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Themed gift baskets such as coffee and chocolate or gifts for the bath are popular for a housewarming, but you can also create mixed gift baskets. A mixed gift basket for a housewarming can be easier to make since anything useful and thoughtful can go into the gift rather than only items that fit in with a certain theme. The rule to follow when creating a mixed type of housewarming gift basket is to be sure that the items are thoughtful and useful and will help the new homeowners celebrate the joy of having a new home.

The first step is to think of ideas for your gift basket. Think about the recipients and the type of home they are moving into. If you know the color scheme planned or you helped paint then you can choose items in specific colors. Otherwise, stick to classy neutrals if you're not sure of the recipients' tastes. Choose an assortment of useful and delightful things anyone can use such as an elegant mini watering can for household plants or a whimsical piggy bank for collecting loose change.


You can add a bottle of champagne or wine, plus flutes or glasses to any mixed gift basket for a housewarming. A few snacks such as elegant chocolates and crackers can be tucked in between the other items. Things like dish towels, dish cloths and oven mitts can line the bottom of the basket. Take care to keep the colors coordinated because you don't want your mixed gift basket for a housewarming to look like you just ran to the supermarket and quickly grabbed anything you could find.

Including a book on home repairs in the basket may be especially appreciated by home owners moving from an apartment to a house. Other book ideas for a mixed gift basket for a housewarming include a gardening book, a book of household tips or a cookbook. You could also include a batch of your homemade cookies along with the cookie recipe for a nice personal touch. The basket itself can be a large wicker basket or any type of laundry basket or storage container.


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@Fa5t3r - If it's a gift basket for a housewarming it's possible the giver won't know the people who are arriving and just wants to be neighborly. A few plants might not be bad but don't assume they are keen gardeners. If you don't know them or what they would like, then just be safe with the items. Nothing containing obvious allergens like peanuts. Nothings with meat products. Nothing specifically for kids (although make sure it can all be appreciated by kids in case they have them.)

Post 2

@KoiwiGal - Food isn't the only gift that could be gratefully received by people with a full household. They might appreciate seeds or plants or trees suitable to their new micro-climate (if you really want to personalize it, ask a neighbor what thrives in the area).

Find out what they had to leave behind. For example, often people end up having to leave a favorite tree or bush and might appreciate a cutting from it that has been sprouted (of course you will have to plan ahead). Or maybe they would like a photo album of their old neighborhood. Or a personalized guidebook to their new neighborhood.

Post 1

Please keep in mind the life-stage of the people you're giving this gift to. If they are young, or this is their first house, they will probably be delighted to get all the crockery and linen you can spare.

If they are just moving their household from one house to another house, then giving them more stuff is probably not going to be that welcome, especially if they are trying to downsize. My mother is moving in a few days and she has been throwing out a lot of extra stuff that she's accumulated over the years. The last thing she would want is something to add to the mass of items.

I would recommend food for custom gift baskets, particularly healthy snacks or even home-cooked meals or vouchers for local restaurants. Time is definitely something they will be short on and they will probably appreciate not having to cook.

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