How can I Choose the Right Dog Bed for my Dog?

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Dogs sleep about 14 hours a day, so buying a comfortable dog bed is important. One should take into consideration age, size, durability of the dog bed, and a pet’s sleeping habits when making a choice. Also there are many different types of beds, and one style of dog bed may be more suited to your pet than other styles.

With a puppy, naturally one looks for something the puppy will grow into. Being able to wash the dog bed is also important since puppies are accident-prone. Generally, a small puppy doesn’t require a great deal of cushioning, since his or her weight won’t weight down the pet bed. The bed should also be easy to get in and out of, so if there is a step into the dog bed, as in the round type, it should be low.

If a little puppy is going to become a large dog, a larger dog bed is naturally required. Cushioning should be a little bit firmer as it will have to support heavier weights as the puppy grows. Alternately, one may want to buy an inexpensive bed for a puppy, and replace the bed when the puppy is larger and is less likely to soil the bed.


Most dog owners look for a dog bed with a washable cover. After a while a dog bed can start to smell very “doggy.” Some also wish to coordinate the dog bed colors to one’s home particularly if the bed is in prominent view. There are actually numerous cover styles. However, don’t sacrifice comfort for style.

Some dogs prefer to feel enclosed in a dog bed, and round beds with high sides are perfect. If a dog likes to sleep curled up, a reasonably sized round bed is usually ideal. A larger round bed can be perfect for the small dog that likes to stretch out.

Other dogs like to assume various stretched out positions when they sleep. They may also prefer burrowing into soft layers. Large, stuffed round or rectangular beds with no sides may be perfect for this type of dog.

A dog’s age can also help determine the ideal pet bed. Older dogs may be a little stiffer in the joints. They may either benefit from a well-padded bed, one made of memory foam, or a heated dog bed. These all can help keep the dog comfortable while sleeping and the heated dog bed is particularly good at soothing minor aches and pains.

Dogs with thick long fur may find themselves suffering in the “dog days” of summer. If you do not have air conditioning, you can purchase a cooling dog bed. These actually help to cool a dog down during hot weather.

Some people prefer a dog bed stuffed with cedar, as this helps to repel fleas. If a cat sometimes shares the bed, a cedar stuffed dog bed should be avoided. Cedar can be dangerous to cats, particularly if small particles are inhaled. Thus they are not the best choice for dog and cat households.

With the many pet stores that now welcome pets shopping with their owners, it’s a good idea to take a well-behaved dog along to try out several types of beds. Chances are your faithful friend will find a bed that seems to be the perfect fit. Also, don’t forget to buy a small bed for the car if the dog travels with you frequently.


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Here is a useful tip for people who might not think about the thickness or material when buying a dog pet bed. If you have a dog that is playful and likes to chew, you should look for a thinner bed and sturdier material. My dog loves to destroy dog beds, so I quit buying them. Then I found one that is thin like a mat and has a faux suede cover. So far, she has only used it as a bed and not as a chew toy.

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