How can I Choose the Best Tinea Corporis Treatment?

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Choosing the best tinea corporis treatment requires knowledge of the range of solutions for this and related dermatological conditions. It also requires consultation with qualified medical professionals. The best tinea corporis cures will work for a particular patient’s holistic health status.

Tinea corporis is a common and often persistent skin condition, also commonly known as ringworm. There is no worm or insect responsible for this ailment; rather, it is caused by a fungal infection from tiny fungi called dermatophytes. Over time, these invaders multiply, causing red, scaly patches of skin that burn and itch.

One of the first steps in choosing effective tinea corporis treatment is to consider starting with one of many homeopathic or natural remedies for this condition. Many of the home cures are less intense than the range of chemically formulated drugs available to treat tinea corporis. Individuals with a severs rash due to tinea corporis can look at using oils, like tea tree and olive oil mixes, fruit and vegetable juices, or even common mud to treat tinea corporis and reduce its symptoms. It’s important to point out that some natural cures, like garlic or tea tree oil, can have side effects or medical interactions, so talk to a doctor before proceeding.


Although many cures for ringworm are topical, some dietary supplements may be recommended by natural remedy experts for these kinds of conditions. To choose the best cures, the individual should think about whether their condition is severe enough to warrant anything other than a regular topical treatment. Again, profession medical advice is key to understanding how different oral and topical cures will work.

Along with the many natural cures, patients can choose from over the counter drugs, or get a prescription from their doctor for other more powerful tinea corporis treatment options. Over the counter topical drugs containing a range of antifungals can be effective along with good home care. Alternately, a doctor may recommend a prescription drug that has a good chance of helping the patient diminish or control the rash.

When choosing the best tinea corporis treatment options, patients need to think about their overall condition; for instance, are they pregnant or breastfeeding, on blood thinners, or allergic to specific items or medications. They need to consider the overall effects of stronger medications like topical steroidal creams, which are available to treat skin rashes like tinea corporis. All of this will help the patient pick the cures that will do the most good without doing harm or creating uncomfortable side effects.


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