How can I Choose a Reliable Dry Cleaner?

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Choosing a reliable dry cleaner is a must, since many of us own clothes that require dry cleaning. There are many ways to assess the value of a dry cleaner. One can examine the level of customer service offered, the timeliness in which services are rendered, the appearance of clothing after it has visited the dry cleaner, and the additional services made available by the dry cleaner. One might also want to consider choosing a “green” dry cleaner that uses carbon dioxide, rather than less environmentally friendly chemicals.

Customer service is a valuable aspect of any dry cleaner service. One can first note the degree to which the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Do they, for instance, write down any special requests? A good dry cleaner should also emphasize its focus on cleanliness by having a clean storefront. One doesn’t want newly clean clothes passed over a dirty counter.

Timeliness is extremely important from your chosen dry cleaner. If a dry cleaner gives one a specific time period in which to pick up clothing, clothes should definitely be ready at the time stated. Further, your clothes should appear neat, with no visible stains. They should smell and appear clean and be pressed appropriately. The dry cleaner should also note if a stain was impossible or difficult to remove and customer satisfaction should be supported with a money back guarantee.


Some dry cleaner services will offer free mending, but with most dry cleaners, this often includes an extra charge. Since clothes are subject to rips and tears, a dry cleaner should offer these services. Tailoring services can be an added bonus. Further, any clothing delivered to the dry cleaner in whole and perfect condition, albeit in need of cleaning, should be received back in the same manner. A dry cleaner should not charge for injuries to the clothing that occur on his or her watch. Thus if a button comes off in the dry cleaning machine, the dry cleaner should properly reattach it.

Some dry cleaner establishments will offer other services like same day or next day pick-up. Other useful services might include preserving or restoring wedding gowns, free pick-up or delivery of your clothing, leather-cleaning services, and no money charged on very small repairs. One can also evaluate the dry cleaner by asking about their use of chemicals. In an effort to cause less environmental damage, many dry cleaners now offer “green” dry cleaning.

“Green” dry cleaning may be an excellent way to go, tends to be gentler on clothing, and is less likely to cause skin irritation. Sometimes the fragrances or chemicals used in regular dry cleaning are not only bad for the environment but also can irritate the skin. Looking for environmentally friendly dry cleaning companies may ultimately make a difference in one’s impact on the environment, and can still provide excellent results.


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