How can I Build a Poker Table?

Nychole Price

A poker table is a necessity in every card player's household. It can fit several people for a fun game of poker, or any other card game. Unfortunately a poker table can be expensive to buy. Luckily, for the average do-it-yourself person, it is easy to build a poker table. A person can build a poker table to accommodate any game room comfortably.

A tape measure is useful when building a poker table.
A tape measure is useful when building a poker table.

There are couple of basic tools needed to build a poker table. They include a jigsaw, sander, tape measure, cordless drill, spray adhesive, staple gun, sandpaper, wood screws and a speed square. The building supplies needed to build a poker table are two sheets of 4 foot (121.9 cm) by 8 foot (243.8 cm) plywood, several yards of felt, foam and vinyl, and a set of folding table legs. The size of the wood needed is dependent upon the size of the poker table being built.

Plywood sheeting may be used for the surface of the poker table.
Plywood sheeting may be used for the surface of the poker table.

Start to build a poker table by cutting one of the large pieces of plywood into an oval the shape and size desired. This will be the table top. Lay it over the second piece of plywood and trace it with a carpenters pencil. Cut it out with the jigsaw.

Continue to build a poker table by measuring 5 inches (12.7 cm)into the second piece and cutting another oval. The outer piece will be the railing for the poker table. The smaller inner oval is set aside to add support to the table later on.

Mark 1 inch (2.5 cm) all the way around the large oval that was cut first. Using the cordless drill, make holes around the perimeter of the line and insert the jig saw. Cut around the 1 inch (2.5 cm) perimeter and remove the ring. This will be used for the lower railing.

Use wood screws, fasten the upper and lower railings together and set aside. Secure the small inner oval, that was removed when cutting the upper railing, to the table top using wood screws. Attach the folding table legs to the small oval on the underside of the table top. Flip it back over and smooth out the wood using sand paper or an electric sander.

Cut the foam to the size of the table top and secure with a spray adhesive. Cover the foam and table top in velvet and stretch until tight. Flip the table top over, then staple the velvet to the wood.

Trim two pieces of foam for the side of the railing and one for the top. Spray the railing with spray adhesive, then attach the foam. Cover the top and sides of the railing in the vinyl and pull until it fits snugly. Flip the railing over and staple the vinyl to the bottom of it.

Lay the railing over the table top. It should be perfectly centered and flush with the edge of the table top. Crawl under the poker table and fasten the railing to the table top using bolts.

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