How can I Boost Energy Without Caffeine?

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Most people tend to reach for that afternoon cup of coffee to keep them going for the rest of the day, but caffeine in the coffee can become addictive, which can lead to withdrawals. Coffee also dehydrates the body, making essential body functions more difficult. To boost energy without caffeine, consider other high energy foods that are easy to digest and are healthy for you. Also consider exercising more, which helps boost metabolism and energy without caffeine as a crutch. Avoid foods that are difficult to digest — these are generally foods that are high in fat — or foods that are high in sugar, which provide a short boost of energy that results ends harshly, causing the body to feel tired again.

Daily routines should also be analyzed if you are seeking to boost energy without caffeine. Many people tend to get tired throughout the day because their sleeping habits are not allowing the body to spend the night recuperating and recharging as it should. Staying up late at night, waking up frequently, sleeping too late in the morning, and even taking sleeping pills are all practices that could potentially lead to a loss of energy by the afternoon. If your sleep is frequently disrupted, consider analyzing what is causing you to miss sleep and work to eliminate those obstructions.


Exercise stimulates blood flow and boosts one's metabolism, making it easier for the body to digest foods that would otherwise slow the body down. Foods that are high in fat take more energy to digest, so eating meat regularly will take more energy than eating fruits and vegetables. If you want an easy way to boost energy without caffeine, cut down on your intake of red meat and other high fat foods. Instead, eat fruits that are easily digestible and quickly turned into usable energy for the body. Whole wheat can do the same thing, though sugary foods are more likely to slow down the metabolism and cause a mid-afternoon crash.

The way you eat can also boost energy without caffeine. Most people eat two to three meals a day, and at least one of those meals is fairly significant. The amount of food in the stomach will dictate how much time and energy is spent digesting, so instead of eating one or two large meals, eat four or five smaller meals throughout the day. This lightens the strain on the stomach and lowers the amount of energy the body uses while digesting.


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Post 2

Drinking juice is a great way to get more energy if you are trying to avoid caffeine. When I got pregnant I had to give up drinking coffee which I loved. Caffeine and pregnancy don't go well together. I started making my own juice as a way to boost my health and get a little bit of natural energy.

My favorite kind was a blend of carrot and apple juice. I would make a glass every morning and drink it with my toast. It definitely perked me up in the morning and I loved the taste. I am no longer pregnant but I still drink juice at least a few mornings a week.

Post 1

I think the best natural way to boost energy without using any chemical supplements is to get a little bit of exercise. You would be amazed at how good just a moderate amount of exercise can make you feel.

I try to do 15 minutes when I first wake up and ten minutes at my lunch hour. I will do some squat thrusts, pushups, sprints if I have the room, anything to get my heart rate up and to engage my whole body. You get a rush of energy for hours afterward and you stay in shape. It's good for you and it's free. Seems like a win win to me.

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