How can I Become a Software Tester?

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Companies hire software testers to verify the quality of their products and to help find and eliminate any bugs. Precise tests are used to determine the functionality of every aspect of a particular application, and timely testing is important. You don’t necessarily have to have a degree to be hired as a software tester, but those who obtain a computer science degree should have no trouble finding immediate entry level work.

Even at the entry level, someone in this job generally paid pretty well per hour, and the opportunities for advancement and higher earnings are tremendous. Since software is a constantly evolving product, there is job security in the position.

If you are knowledgeable about the operational aspects of computers and comfortable with word processing applications, you should be able to learn the necessary testing procedures fairly quickly. Start early and learn as much as you can about specific testing procedures. A good knowledge of testing requirements and the ability to put them into practice will set you on your way to becoming a software tester. If you have other special skills or talents, be sure to mention these as well. People who speak a foreign language or more than one fluently may be in greater demand than those who do not.


Even when you're new to the job, you should not be afraid to submit your resume to big name companies. They hire more software testers than smaller companies do, and the odds are in your favor, since there is a great demand for good testers. On the same note, don’t discount smaller companies, since you may be able to get your foot in the door and grow with the company. As a senior employee, you’ll make more money, but you may want to broaden your horizons and eventually move toward software development or administration.


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Post 31

I am working as a developer. Can I get job testing? I am interested in software testing.

Post 30

I got my bachelors degree in Civil engineering in 2003. But I don't have any work experience in my field. I worked as a technical editor for two years (2003 to 2005). For the past nine years, I have not been not working. Can I try out software testing as my profession now? I'm planning to take a course in testing. Should I get a certification/diploma? How long will it take to complete?

Post 29

I want to go into a software testing field. What can I do for that. I am an mca student.

Post 28

I was a QA tester for about three years before becoming a developer. I had almost no industry experience when I was hired for my first job. This was back in 1997, and the job market was not as bad. Most tests we did were manual testing. The company did provide some training on test automation including Segue (acquired by Borland in 2006).

We did hire a woman with no experience, but she knew someone in our group who was a solid tester and also got along with everyone quite well. So we took her word and hired her friend. It turned out that woman was over-testing everything, and all developers were afraid of her. I believe in

today's market it is almost impossible to get a job with no experience. Try get a co-op job or something.

Post 27

Is it necessary to know all programming languages like c,c++,java to become a software tester or would any one be sufficient?

Post 25

I have completed a degree in along with software programming. How can I apply for a software testing job?

Post 23

I have seven-plus years of software testing experience. I got laid off more than a year ago. I recently completed a course in automation testing using QTP/QC. I am still not able to get a job.

So currently, the software jobs are not in demand.

Post 21

I graduated with a in Civil Engineering nine years ago but never worked in the field. I got my HR certificate instead because it was the right route at the time I thought. Now, however, I'd like to go back and start my engineering career, want to get into testing? Is it too late?

Post 17

I'm working as a software tester but I want to know that it's a good job for the future, please give me good suggestions.

Post 16

I know someone who had an IT degree but was unemployed for the last 12 months, then he decided to do a tester course. He did the course quite successfully but no job yet.

Post 15

I'm an electrical engineer and currently doing my master's in EE from Germany. In order to find a part time work here, i ended up working in a software test division at a cell phone chip manufacturing company.

My main focus though tends to be on the design side, but i have to say software test is also interesting. It is easy much easy compared to actual development but at the same time to be in a professional work environment, a degree is a must have requirement. You need to be good at programming to work your way out.

Talking about job security, my experience says software testing is not a very stable job. Unless you are much more experienced

. If a company finishes a project, all those testers are at stake, while being in the design side, you are more stable. Having said that, if you are hard working, you will have no problem whatever side you are.

Personally, i kind of like this field. You will find many are there as well.

Post 12

I have completed BSC.IT in 2009 with 64 percent. am i eligible for a software testing course.

Post 11

I have done my post graduation in 2003 and don't have any IT experience. Right now I want a career in testing. Is it possible for me to do this?

Post 10

For those in software testing, could someone tell me the best way to get into this field education wise? (i.e degree)

I've had computer info courses, DOS, various software program classes, VB programming while pursuing a degree. I found I really enjoy computer work and did well in them.

The degree I received (health information management)does not have the market,as I still have no job, nor do my classmates, so I'm looking at getting into something i would enjoy. Thanks!

Post 8

Well sometimes the act of finding bugs results in a tiff between a developer and tester so its better testers activity should be more of the kind of developers help. The bugs which they can't find while doing entry level testing needs a tester who have no knowledge of the same but try to work like a layman.

Post 5

I think the comments above describe testing as it should be, but often companies (wrongly IMO) take shortcuts in testing which it is often not as interesting a job as it could and should be.

Post 4

"you may want to broaden your horizons and eventually move toward software development or administration"... Most software testers were originally software developers. One of the abilities required for a software tester is the ability to read and break the code written by the development team. I tend to think of testers being a step above development as it requires an increased skill set and is not an entry level position.

Post 3

Testing procedures quickly? Sure, if there is a test case matrix with things spelled out, why not. To develop and implement software processes is a different skillset, and takes some gumption on wanting to be able to learn more. I would never think of QA as a stepping stone. Some of us have done this for years, enjoy it and plan to keep on doing it.

Post 2

"but you may want to broaden your horizons and eventually move toward software development or administration" It seems that you are suggesting that a software test engineer can "advance" to programming? I would not consider this advancement. Much software testing requires the test engineer to design and develop tests - tests written in a variety of programming languages - coded tests used to test applications and systems.

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