How can I Become a Florist?

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It does not take any special license to become a florist, but it does take both an ability and a desire. People call upon the services of a florist when they want to wish someone well, express a specific sentiment, or make someone feel special. The ability to produce a floral arrangement that accomplishes the customer's goal is the essence of a successful florist.

If you have a sincere interest in cut flowers and an eye for color coordination and design, you are the perfect candidate for becoming a florist. However, it takes more than an ability to arrange a stellar bouquet of roses. Knowledge of the care of cut flowers, the sentiments they express, and the varieties available is essential to the florist business.

Having a head for business is also a necessity. You might choose to become an independent florist in your area, or you might choose to become part of a nationwide franchise. You might also decide to work for someone else. Regardless of the route you choose, your personality and thought process must be conducive to working with people and handling business, which is often linked to sensitive issues. People sending flowers for funerals, weddings, and births are often very emotionally attached to the recipient and therefore require excellent customer service.


There are many resources for learning more about becoming a florist. You can take classes on flower arrangement and learn about the care of cut flowers if you lack the knowledge. You can also research similar businesses in your area and perhaps talk to business owners. You might also wish to contact a franchise florist to learn about becoming part of an established company.

Becoming a florist is an ideal job for someone who is both creative and interested in flowers. If you choose to own your own business, you can become successful while working in an environment that does not feel like work. A certain talent and expressive creativity go into the creation of a beautiful arrangement, and sharing that talent and ability with other people can be a very rewarding experience, indeed.


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Starting a retail florist shop from scratch is not to be advised since your chances of surviving the first year are slim. Far better to purchase an existing business that already has a cash flow and a customer base which you can then build upon. Remember that making the customer feel comfortable with you is far more important than knowing your flowers. It's a people business. Courtesy of the florist doctor

Post 2

To be successful as a retail florist you need to be profitable, and that means "being a business" and not just "doing business" The florist doctors video series is aimed at the corner florist and is well worth taking a look at.

Post 1

Really helpful article to new comers as florists. It`s giving a clear idea what one has to do to became successful florist. Thanks- Mhaske Pandharinath, Pune, India

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