How can I be a Good Host?

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Whether hosting a bridal shower, baby shower, or dinner party, a good host will always put the wants and needs of the guests above anything else. Planning ahead can also help to further the goal of being a good host. Tending to the guests’ wants and needs is done before, during and after an event.

Prior to any event a good host will find out if there are any people on the guest list that don’t get along. It is important to either only invite one or take special care to keep them separated on the day of the event, because any tension will diminish the enjoyment of other guests. Before the event, it is also important to find out about any special requests or food allergies that any of the guests may have. A smaller menu means less of a choice for guests, so it becomes even more crucial to accommodate food requests. If there is a variety of food, whether it is a meal or hors d’oeuvres, fussy eaters will surely be able to find something that they like.


Once the event arrives, a good host sets the tone by welcoming every guest with a smile and making polite introductions where necessary. The location of the event should be warm and inviting. If it is in a home, the home should be clean in the main areas and have enough seating for the appropriate amount of people. Some other ways to set the mood are by burning candles or incense and/or putting on some background music.

It is also important for a host to remember that regardless of how the event is proceeding, he must always keep a smile on his face and appear to enjoy himself. The host should also always participate in any activities that are planned for the event and be in control of the timeline of the event. For example, if there are games, the host should be playing or facilitating. A good host should also usher people to whatever food or beverages are being served or whatever activities are going on.

Saying thank you is an element of being a good host that may sometimes be forgotten. People took time out of their busy lives to attend a special event. The size and type of event will dictate what kind of thank you is necessary. For example baby and bridal showers should have party favors that guests can take with them. Any event where a guest brings a gift, such as a shower, anniversary or birthday, will require a handwritten thank you the next day. Regardless, of the size of the event a good host will say thank you and escort guests to the exit in the same fashion that they were greeted.


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Jessica, I'm hosting my niece's eighteenth birthday party. I have stepped up to the plate. Your tips have helped much. Etiquette is important. I'm a very good housekeeper. I realize the importance of the extra towels in bath. Thanks, Michael

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