How can I Avoid Feeling Bloated?

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There are several ways to avoid feeling bloated, including omitting gas-producing foods from your diet, chewing your food thoroughly and limiting alcohol consumption. To eliminate or reduce the possibility of indigestion and bloating, try to limit your intake of fried foods and those high in fat. For avoiding symptoms related to water retention and bloating, you may try cutting back on sodium. Excess salt is known to have an effect on fluid retention, which in turn can often produce a bloated feeling.

Oftentimes, painful bloating can be caused by food that has not been properly digested. The simple way to avoid this is to take the time to sit down and slowly consume your meal. Eating on the run, eating while talking and simply eating too fast all can contribute to trapped air which settles in the stomach and intestinal tract. This can cause a bloated feeling and discomfort.

Just as important is knowing which foods cause you the most distress. For some individuals, certain citrus fruits or melons can produce excess intestinal gas, leading to the individual feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Broccoli and cabbage can be offenders as well. Pay attention to how you feel after eating certain foods, so you can avoid them or consume smaller amounts.


Over-eating, especially in the case of rich and heavy foods, can cause the same reaction. To avoid feeling bloated at mealtime, limit your portion intake. Try to visualize the correct portion size you need to consume and divide your choices among healthy food groups. Large portion sizes can increase acid production, which can often cause you to feel excessively bloated after meals.

Often the simplest way to avoid feeling bloated is to reduce stress factors in your life. Feeling overly stressed can lead to unhealthy eating habits and can ultimately disrupt the natural balance of your digestive system. Learn relaxation techniques and eat your food in a relaxed atmosphere free from tension. A good rule is to avoid eating when you are feeling particularly tense or stressed out.

Another thing you can do to avoid feeling bloated on a regular basis is consider taking a probiotic supplement. Probiotics can help regulate your digestion naturally by replenishing a supply of "friendly" bacteria that your intestinal tract needs on a regular basis. Alternately, you might benefit from trying a colon cleanse product. You can find these natural remedies at your local pharmacy. A colon cleanse can purge harmful toxins and fluids from your body which have built up in your intestines, thus eliminating that bloated feeling.

If after trying the above suggestions you still need solutions to avoid feeling bloated, there are medications which you can use occasionally. Bloating remedies that contain an anti-gas ingredient, such as simethicone, may provide some relief. Some individuals can avoid feeling bloated by taking a supplement that contains an enzyme to prevent gas and bloating before consuming certain foods. All medications should be used according to directions.


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