How Bad Is Air Pollution in Bombay, India?

The air pollution in Bombay, India — a city also referred to as Mumbai — is nearly triple the amount that is considered safe for human health. It is estimated that the air pollution in Bombay is so bad, inhaling it is as harmful to the lungs as smoking two-and-a-half packs of cigarettes per day. Bombay’s air pollution is thought to be the result of the city’s extremely high rate of vehicle traffic and road construction.

More about Bombay, India:

  • More than half of all residents in Bombay live in slums, and more than 2 million residents are thought to not have access to sanitary facilities.

  • Bombay is projected to become the world’s most populated city by 2020, with an estimated population increase from about 13 million residents in 2013 to more than 28 million by 2020.

  • Each day, Bombay's trains transport more than 6 million people — or the equivalent of the entire population of Israel.

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Asthma may be a common disease in this city. Poor people. I feel so sorry for them! May they be guided and their affairs rectified!

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It is high time to think of minimizing the pollution, reducing the numbers of slums and building a number of satellite townships and extending the train services to all such townships from the city in a timely manner. Keeping these in mind, comprehensive town planning is the immediate necessity of the hour.

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The presence of a seashore has been managed to save this city from radiation and highly intoxicated pollutants from further destruction.

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