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green checkbox  No Deadlines: Write Whenever you Want

As a wiseGEEK writer, you'll be able to login to our system whenever you want; set your own hours and work whenever it fits into your schedule.

green checkbox  Write from Anywhere

wiseGEEK writers can work from anywhere they have an internet connection. You'll be able to work at a cafe, in the yard, at a library, or from your kitchen table.

green checkbox  Choose your Topics

Our writers get to choose their favorite topics from an open pool of at least 500 topics. These topics, always in the form of a question, span a broad range of categories, including finance, technology, legal, beauty, diets, nutrition, fitness, medicine, fashion, gardening and more! You'll be free to focus on the one or many categories that you are comfortable writing about.

green checkbox  Work Directly with your Own Editor

Each wiseGEEK writer is assigned to a dedicated, experienced and receptive editor. You'll get to work directly with your editor to hone your skills and build your writing portfolio, all while getting paid!

green checkbox  Educate Millions of People

wiseGEEK is read by over 15.5 Million people each month (well over 100 million visitors per year). Your articles will help lots of real people, sometimes in very significant ways. To put our traffic in perspective, the following chart illustrates the reach of wiseGEEK compared to other well-known websites (in millions of visitors per month, October 2010).

Conjecture Corporation Monthly Unique Visitors

green checkbox  Get Paid Quickly

Some jobs only pay once or twice a month. In this job, after you submit a batch of five or more articles, your work will be edited and paid — usually within 2 days.

green checkbox  Focus on Writing: We Handle the Rest

In many other online writing jobs, writers are required to promote their own submissions. At wiseGEEK, we handle all the promotion so our writers can focus on what they enjoy most — writing!

What is wiseGEEK?

green checkbox  Straightforward Answers

wiseGEEK aims to provide clear and concise answers to a wide variety of common questions. The internet is exploding with reference information and sites like Wikipedia do an amazing job of cataloging a great breadth of knowledge. wiseGEEK is a little different; instead of trying to cover everything about a topic, wiseGEEK aims to deliver brief and easy-to-understand answers to our reader's questions.

wiseGEEK Monthly Visitors

wiseGEEK Unique Monthly Visitors

green checkbox  Dedicated Team

wiseGEEK is created by a dedicated team of writers, editors, programmers and administrators spread throughout the world. Most of our team members work from the comfort of their own homes.

green checkbox  Quality Content

Our primary focus is to provide high quality answers to common questions. Occasionally, a mistake slips through, but our team members or one of our millions of readers are very quick to notify us. We actively update articles with corrections to make sure that our content is as helpful and accurate as possible.

green checkbox  Comprehensive

wiseGEEK writers tackle questions about a wide variety of topics. Our categories range from health to gadgets, and gardening to music. Our site now provides concise answers to over 60,000 questions!

green checkbox  Broad Reach

As you can see in the chart, wiseGEEK reaches over 15.5 million unique visitors per month (well over 100 million unique visitors per year), and the number continues to climb; we now serve four times as many visitors as we did just two years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions about Writing for wiseGEEK

How much do you pay writers?

We pay writers per article. Current rates range from $10 to $14 depending on the article topic. Writers know exactly how much they will receive for writing an article before locking it.

How quickly do you pay writers?

To streamline the editing and payment processes, submitted articles are edited in batches of at least five articles. We typically edit and pay batches within two days of when they are submitted for editing.

How are payments made?

We pay by PayPal so that you receive the funds shortly after we send them. If you don't already have a PayPal account it is very easy to set up. Many of our writers choose to sign up for a free PayPal debit card, which gives them instant access to their cash.

Are there any fees to receive payments?

We cover the PayPal fees so you get the full amount.

Do I get to choose the topics I write on?

Writers (including those who are testing to become full wiseGEEK writers) get to choose which articles they write on. The pool of available topics typically hovers around 500 topics. Additional topics are added throughout the day.

What are the deadlines for submitting articles?

wiseGEEK writers don't have deadlines. As a team member, you'll be able to write as much as you want as long as you meet our minimum contribution requirements.

Will I have to write articles on a variety of subjects?

No. You should lock articles that you feel comfortable writing about. If that means you focus on a particular category or categories, that is completely fine.

How much do wiseGEEK writers have to contribute?

wiseGEEK writers are asked to write at least five articles per week, or 20 articles a month, on average.

What is your writing style guide like?

Our writing style guide is rather short and straightforward. You'll get access if you are invited to test with us.

Where is wiseGEEK physically located?

As a completely virtual company, wiseGEEK team members are located across the world. Most of our team, however, is located in the US.

Testing to be a wiseGEEK Writer

How do I become a wiseGEEK writer?

We'll review your application usually within three days of receiving it. We'll get back to you either way, but if we like your application, we'll invite you to go through our writing test. If you pass the test, you'll be welcome to contribute as many quality articles as you like.

What is the test like?

The writing test consists of three separate phases. Each phase, or batch, consists of three articles. You'll get to choose the three articles that make up your batches. Once you submit a batch, an editor will review your work and let you know if you passed that phase. Complying with the writing style guide and applying the editor's comments will determine whether you pass each stage of the testing process. If you pass all three phases, you'll be welcomed to regularly contribute articles.

Will I be paid for the articles produced in the testing process?

Yes, we pay the normal rate for the articles you submit during the testing process, assuming they represent a good faith effort and do not contain plagiarism or non-100%-unique content.

How long does the testing process take?

Deadlines will be provided to testing writers at each stage of the process. Writers typically have up to four days to produce a batch. The entire testing process is generally completed within two weeks.

What happens if I pass the testing phase?

If you pass the testing phase, you'll be asked to complete a formal contract and tax form. Once we receive that completed paperwork, an editor will be assigned to you, and you'll be welcome to contribute as many quality articles as you'd like, but at least an average of five per week, or 20 per month.

What information do I need to provide to apply?

We request a resume and two writing samples. Ideally, writing samples should be in a similar style to wiseGEEK articles (e.g., encyclopedic rather than blog-like or narrative), but anything that represents your writing ability is sufficient. If you are invited to test with us, you'll be asked to provide your PayPal address and your preferred byline. If you pass the testing process, you'll be asked to complete a formal, written contract and tax form as required by the IRS. This paperwork will require that you provide us with your address, formal name, and social security number.

Writer Testimonials

Perhaps the best way to get a sense of what wiseGEEK is like is to read some opinions from our growing team. We asked our existing writers to share their thoughts on what it is like to write for wiseGEEK; here are their unedited responses:

"I am firmly convinced writing for wiseGEEK is one of the best content writing jobs on the Internet. I have been able to generate a substantial part-time income and learn many interesting things along the way. The payment is always fast, and there's a great cast of people willing to help you become a better writer."

Ken Black

"I have been a regular contributor to wiseGEEK since 2004, and I believe it is one of the best online content websites active today. I have worked for other content providers in the past, and many of them seemed to treat their writers like disposable commodities. Most of their "improvements" only benefited the company, not the contributors. This is not the case with wiseGEEK. They continue to address issues which impact their contributors directly, making the working environment much more conducive for quality writing.

wiseGEEK's editors and publishers have always met their stated turnaround and payment schedules. Editors actually read the articles and provide constructive criticism and feedback, not simply rubberstamp the work in order to get it online faster. wiseGEEK wants these articles to survive the test of time, unlike some other online content sites which seem to focus more on advertising revenue than the quality of the articles.

I enjoy the flexibility of the work schedule at wiseGEEK. If I have other personal or professional obligations, I can always come back and finish the next batch of WiseGEEK articles at a later date. I can also work from virtually any location with an Internet connection. This has proven to be a nice perk during out-of-town trips with some downtime. Instead of watching television in a hotel room, a wiseGEEK writer can literally write himself or herself some lunch or gas money. Getting paid through PayPal is also very convenient for those who spend time on the road.

As a WiseGEEK contributor who has written over 1,500 articles over the years, I can honestly say that working for Denis, Catherine and the rest of the wiseGEEK team has been a very positive experience for me. They know what they're doing."

Michael Pollick

"Writing for wiseGEEK is the only opportunity that I have found, inside or outside of the home, that really gives me the flexibility I need for a part-time job. Additionally, I cannot recall a time where I waited longer than 72 hours for payment."

Jessica Hobby

"I love the flexibility of working here. I can work anywhere and at anytime. Plus, I find myself learning new and interesting facts every time I research an article."

Erika Peterson

"Writing for wiseGEEK can literally be a lifesaver for writers because it provides a reliable source of income from the writer's location. The administrative and editorial teams are excellent at what they do and article payment is prompt."

Sheri Cyprus

"I've written for several companies online, but wiseGEEK is my absolute favorite. The staff is professional, responsive, and pleasant to work with, plus payments are lightning fast. Article selection is also fabulous - there are always myriad options from which to choose, with topics ranging from super simplistic to highly complex, so it's easy to mix it up and keep the noggin fresh. Plus, I'm confident my wiseGEEK writings will eventually propel me to "trivia queen" status at the local pub. Who could ask for anything more?"

Hillary Flynn

"Writing for wiseGEEK has been an honor and pleasure. It has afforded me the opportunity to make fast cash writing about familiar subjects, as well as expand my general knowledge base by researching topics of interest that I might never have heard about were it not for this little gig. Simply browsing the many article topics has also frequently tipped me off to issues, matters or new technology, even when I don't choose to write about them. Virtually unheard of in the freelance community, wiseGEEK also provides fast payment for work rendered, and the staff is nothing if not accommodating, efficient and friendly. Its been a great way to make some extra cash and improve my writing skills. I'd highly recommend it."

R. Kayne

"Writing for wiseGEEK is, in a word, fun. I love researching and learning about new things every day, and at least once a week I write a note to my editor along the lines of "isn't this fascinating?!" Setting your own work schedule and location is hard to beat, but what makes me love being on the wiseGEEK team is the ability to get paid for expanding my horizons, and to hear about (and from) readers who have found my articles useful.

The administrative team is very friendly and helpful. I rarely have issues, but when I do, they are resolved very quickly. I've loved all of the editors I've worked with at wiseGEEK, and it's great to work with people who are enthusiastic about knowledge. Long term working relationships with my editors have also dramatically improved my writing, which is a rather nice side benefit. The consistent commitment to quality and integrity from all the staff at wiseGEEK is also very important to me. There are a lot of sites which offer content similar to wiseGEEK's, but ours is original, and of consistently high quality.

In practical terms, working for wiseGEEK is delightful. The writer interface is very easy to navigate, and as long as you keep up a consistent stream of articles, editing and payment turnaround usually happen within a week. While it can be a bit intimidating to research and pull together articles at first, when you start with familiar topics, you can get your footing, and eventually transition to entirely new subject areas.

Finally, being a wiseGEEK writer has made me a huge hit at parties, because I've become that person who somehow manages to know at least a little bit of something about a lot of things, which means that I am constantly called upon to adjudicate disputes, answer questions, or repeat some strange fact I've recently acquired across in the course of my work. (Did you know that the White House Situation Room didn't have a sink until it was renovated by the 43rd President? That South Korea is, by far, the world's largest producer of ships? That among the many objects accidentally dropped by astronauts in space is...a toothbrush?)"

S.E. Smith

"I've been contributing to wiseGEEK for a couple of years now. One of the best aspects about writing for wiseGEEK is the flexibility it offers. As a freelance writer it can be difficult to juggle multiple clients, especially the high-maintenance types. wiseGEEK provides a flexible, work-when-you-want or when-you-can option that helps fill in slow times, supplement other clients, and just provides an outlet for a different type of writing without adding pressure during busy times. The staff are professional, the editors provide quality feedback, and the writer's panel has done nothing but improve itself over the years. It's a top-notch organization all the way around."

J. Beam

"You'll enjoy constructive and consistent editing on all your submitted work. Editors and other staff are friendly and always ready to help with any of your questions or concerns. There are plenty of titles to claim at any time, and payment for accepted work is extremely fast. If you want to be appreciated as well as compensated for your efforts, then wiseGEEK is the way to go."

Malcolm Tatum

"I love writing for wiseGEEK. It is extremely enjoyable. I am able to work when I want, they have fantastic editors that have helped me improve my writing tremendously, and the payment is so easy. I couldn't ask for a better way to make extra money from home!"

L. Hepfer

"I have been a freelance writer for about ten years and I really enjoy working with wiseGEEK. There are always plenty of interesting titles to choose from. The editors give good feedback, which not only lets you know what your doing right, but helps you improve your writing. Review times and payment is always fast, which is also a plus."

M. DePietro

"Writing for wiseGEEK is a rewarding experience that allows you to grow as a writer and profit from your learning. A wide range of topics allows you to use the knowledge you already possess, in addition to building upon that knowledge through research, to create quality articles people can use for everyday needs. These articles include the byline that you prefer, which also makes wiseGEEK a great reference for other positions.

During the testing process, you'll work with an editor and learn about the position while still being paid for any work you complete. This makes it easier to transition into the position as compared to many other companies. Payment is fair and delivered in an exceptionally timely fashion through PayPal.

The writing tool the company offers is fantastic; it keeps your word count and keyword count for you as you write and allows you to save your work as often as you wish. Plus, you can write as many articles as you like each week, making it a great full-time position if you're a stay-at-home parent and/or work from home like I do. Though I've worked with many companies as a writer and blogger, none have offered me unlimited work like wiseGEEK does, a blessing in today's economy."

Sara Schmidt

"Being part of the wiseGEEK writing team has been both exciting and challenging! I am always able to find a topic I feel comfortable writing about, and the editor's comments have helped me to develop a solid and diverse writing style. Working for wiseGeek has allowed a journalist like me to keep doing what I love!"

Mitch Morgan

"I have worked as a freelance writer for several years, and I must say that wiseGEEK is by far the best company I have ever worked with. The editors are sharp, the management responsive, and the payment turn around is prompt. There is a wide range of topics and titles available to keep the creative juices flowing and new ones appear every day. As an added bonus, the system is available 24/7, giving me the flexibility to write on my own schedule."

Carol Francois

"For me, writing for wiseGEEK has been an experience unlike any other. It has helped me hone my ability to research and write at the drop of a hat, which has impacted my writing in every other area of my life. While once I found it difficult to sit down and write even three thousand words in a day, I can now easily sit down and write five to ten thousand words of focused writing on a subject I am learning about for the first time. This has applied itself to all of my writing — to text books, to guide books, to travel articles, and even to some of my fiction work.

Like any job, who you work with at wiseGEEK will greatly impact the experience you have while there. Cultivate a relationship with your editor, and learn what they like and dislike. While there is a style guide available, ultimately you'll discover that your editor has personal likes and dislikes which they look for, and learning to write for their eye will help reduce the amount of edits you get, and increase your average scores. And while the scores are, of course, not terribly important, you will find yourself writing more often and find words flowing more readily when you're working with an editor who rates you 8s and 9s consistently than when you're working with an editor who rates you 6s and 7s regularly and peppers each article with comments.

A warning for those who plan on writing large amounts of articles for wiseGEEK: eventually you will find yourself frequently entering conversations by correcting someone, and following it with the phrase, "I just wrote an article on that..." If you're lucky, your friends will find this endearing, and will begin to look to you for clarification in obscure areas of knowledge. If you're less lucky, you will be seen as the know-it-all who always feels a need to chime in. Either way, once you pass the 500 article mark, it is inevitable this will happen.

On the other hand, the day will come when you find yourself searching for something on Google, or sitting next to someone searching for something, and the first result they click on will be an article written by you. In fact, if you've written enough articles, you may have even forgotten you wrote it. This validation that what you write is impacting how people search for information is powerful, and it's okay to be proud. The day may even come when you're reading a Wikipedia article and reach the citations at the bottom, only to notice your name and a wiseGEEK article. Take a little bow. You've earned it.

In a similar vein: join in the discussions that will eventually build around your articles. Clarify questions others have, and thank those who add information you may have overlooked or been unaware of. Sure, you don't get paid for this part, but these are your articles, and you want them to be as complete as possible. I literally came close to tears discovering the micro-community that had formed around my sweaty palms article, and while I had nothing to add, it made me happy to see all those who were able to knowledgeably help the many people in need."

Brendan McGuigan

"Writing for wiseGEEK has been a great experience for me. I've been able to research and write about topics that are interesting to me and I've learned a lot about many different subjects in the process.

The folks at wiseGEEK are always helpful and understanding. They are absolutely faithful and reliable about payment. I've never feared that I wouldn't get paid. That means a lot these days. The team is also great about keeping the writers informed about what's going on with the company, with writing requirements and with the website. They are accessible and you can always contact someone and get a timely response.

This has been a positive experience all the way around. Freelancers can write for wiseGEEK with confidence."

A. Kaminsky

"It's amazing to reflect that I've been a wiseGEEK writer since 2006, and it has been by far one of the most rewarding jobs of my adult life. There are some clear advantages to the work: no dress code, flexible schedule, instant antidote to one's curiosity on a number of a subjects, and time off as needed to pursue life's other requirements. While these are fantastic aspects of the job, I think much ought to be said about the group of professionals who work with the writers. I've had good fortune to work with fantastic editors, who have all contributed to my success at wiseGEEK, and an amazing staff of managers and technical support.

Even though there's inherent flexibility and freedom in how people pursue wiseGEEK writing, this never translates to a lack of professionalism. I get to work with talented, ultra-professional folks who do all they can to support the writing staff. This is the kind of expectation new writers can have coming into the wiseGEEK family and I find it something greatly worthy of mention. In fact, I've enjoyed this job so much, I actively recruited my sister to become a wiseGEEK writer too, and her experiences have been on par with mine."

Tricia Ellis-Christensen

"I've been writing for wiseGEEK since 2006, and it is among my favorite clients. There are always plenty of topics, the editors are fair, and the pay is prompt. As an added bonus, I have the opportunity to cover such a wide range of topics that I never get bored."

N. Madison

2013 Update

We are currently not accepting new freelance-writer applications.

We will update this page when we have lifted this restriction.

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