Does my Child Need a Tutor?

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Deciding whether or not your child needs a tutor depends on more than just grades and test scores. It also depends on what you hope for him or her to achieve and the level of understanding you want him or her to have of his schoolwork. Today’s parents often want their children to do more than score high on tests. They want them to have an in-depth understanding of the material, logical thinking skills, and an enjoyment of learning. If you want any of these things for your child and you feel that outside help may be useful, obtaining a tutor is a good option.

It is wise to consider securing a tutor for your child if his or her grades and test scores are beginning to drop. Sometimes, just a little extra help from a tutor is all a child needs to recover falling scores. Likewise, a tutor may be helpful when homework assignments become increasingly difficult or time consuming and parents feel unable to provide adequate help. A tutor may also be helpful if your child is suffering from low self-esteem or becoming rebellious towards schoolwork. The building of skills and focused attention may help him to gain self-confidence and develop a can-do spirit.


Sometimes tutoring may be helpful for a child who is not struggling with schoolwork. Children who are advanced or gifted learners may become bored in traditional school settings. A tutor may be able to provide educational stimulation unavailable in the classroom setting. Tutoring may also be a good option for those interested in earning high scores on college admission tests or preparing for advanced coursework.

Tutoring is such a good option because of the personalized attention it affords the student. Instead of having to focus on the needs of 20 to 35 students at one a time, the tutor can concentrate on the abilities of the student in front of him. Also, the tutor doesn’t have to move forward, before the student is ready, in order to keep pace with rest of the class. He or she can spend as much time as necessary on the subjects the student finds difficult, while moving quickly through or skipping topics the child has already mastered. Tutors are available for just about every subject, from basic math and reading to advanced physics and beyond.


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Post 5

The decision to hire a tutor can be a difficult and confusing one for a parent. Every parent wants to believe that their child is doing great and seeking out professional help to get them up to speed academically can be a sobering and painful decision.

I would advise any parent considering hiring a tutor to consult with their child's teacher and perhaps their counselor at school as well. They know your child in the academic environment better than anyone else. If anyone can make an informed decision about whether to bring in a tutor it is an educator.

Post 4

I hired a Spanish tutor for my child, not because she was bad at Spanish but actually because she was so good at it. My daughter took a year of Spanish and we had trouble getting her to speak English at times. It was clear that she had a knack at it and an interest in it and my husband and I decided that we would do everything we could to try and encourage her.

Once the school year ended we hired a Spanish tutor because neither of us knew Spanish but we wanted her to keep progressing. That was 5 years ago and now our daughter is essentially fluent in Spanish. We took a family trip to Spain last year and our daughter did most of the translating.

Post 3

Many people think that hiring a tutor is a sign that their child is deficient or struggling in some way. In fact, the decision to hire a tutor can be based more largely on the desire to see one's child succeed. They do not need to have problems, the parent may wish only to see that their child does as well as possible.

I was a pretty good math student when I was younger. Not a genius by any means but I never struggled with it. Still, my parents elected to hire a math tutor for me before I entered into high school to make sure that my skills in fact matched the abilities suggested by my grades.

It was actually very helpful. At the very least it served as a great review and it went a long way to ensure that I was a successful student in high school. Tutors serve many functions and they do not always imply that your student is somehow incapable.

Post 2

actually my child said, "I feel dumb when my tutor comes."

Post 1

There are also online options that you can do at home anytime of the day - so you don't have to worry about gas prices.

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