Does Glass Shape Affect How Quickly You Drink?

Research has shown that individuals who are drinking beer out of a straight glass sip it about 60% more slowly than people who are drinking out of a curved glass, leading researchers to believe that glass shape affects alcohol consumption. Researchers suggest that straight-sided glasses make it easier for drinkers to keep track of the amount of alcohol they drink, thus encouraging a slower pace. The same researchers found that glass shape made no difference in the consumption of soft drinks.

More about drinking alcohol:

  • Women's tolerance for alcohol is lower than that of men. Women have less water in their bodies and thus increase their blood alcohol level more easily.

  • Australian guidelines recommend that adult men and women limit alcohol consumption to two standard drinks per day.

  • Some wine enthusiasts claim that matching different glass shapes to different wine varietals can enhance the flavor of the beverage. Other wine experts dispute this and say that there is little proof that glass shape makes much of a difference.

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It's like a thinner bottom and a more bulbus top draft glass.


A curved glass might be one shaped somewhat like so:

( )



Narrow at the bottom, wider at the top, but with increasing width in the shape of a curve.


I'm not getting a visual of what is being referred to as straight or curved glass. Most beer is served in glasses that are what I consider straight and usually tall, mugs, which are straight sided or tumbler types of glasses. What is a curved glass that beer would be served in?

Please tell me that it was not a government grant (our tax dollars) that paid for these programs.

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