Does Coffee Sober You up if You'Re Drunk?

Contrary to popular belief, drinking coffee won't sober you up if you are drunk. Though it can me you feel more alert and awake, you'll still be drunk. In fact, scientists advise against drinking coffee to sober up, because the alertness often makes people overestimate their own abilities and do more damage while they're drunk.

More facts about drinking:

  • Neither cold air nor a hot shower will sober you up — the only thing that can sober you up is time.

  • It takes about an hour to metabolize the amount of alcohol in one drink, depending on your body weight and gender.

  • No amount of food will sober you up, either, but there are many myths surrounding sobering up with food. Some say that eating an entire loaf of bread will sober you up, and others say a huge plate of pasta will do the trick. Unfortunately, neither will do anything but make you full.

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