Does a Home Security Sign Really Deter Burglars?

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While there are no guarantees when it comes to home security signs, they can help to deter burglars. The idea behind posting security signs is that burglars are looking for easy homes to burglarize. If they have to put a lot of effort into breaking into a home, know there's a blaring alarm, or think police will be summoned to a property quickly, they may be less likely to burglarize the home. In many cases, a burglar who sees a home security sign may move on to break into a house he thinks is more vulnerable.

Posting a home security sign can be a critical part of setting up a home security system. These signs are intended to stop a burglar in his tracks before he even attempts to break into a property. Often, these signs are placed in a resident's yard, showing burglars that the resident's home is protected. In such a case, a burglar may decide to pass the home by, without even getting close to one of its doors or windows. Many people place home security decals on their windows for the same purpose.


Home security signs can also be used without regard to whether or not a person actually has a home security system. A home security sign is often used in a similar fashion to a fake security camera that is mounted to deter criminals or even a recording of a large, barking dog. For example, a resident may decide that he doesn't want the expense or work of installing a home security system. Instead of going without any protection, however, he may put home security signs in conspicuous places on his property. Since the burglar has no way of knowing for sure whether or not the home is protected by an alarm system, he may think twice about burglarizing it.

Though a home security sign can help to deter criminals, this is not a foolproof solution; criminals may be aware that some residents post home security signs without having real security systems. A very bold criminal may be willing to take a chance that a residence is unprotected. He may even think he can run away quickly if an alarm does sound. For this reason, many experts recommend that residents use alarm systems in combination with these signs. In lieu of having an alarm system installed, however, a person may opt to install other fake security mechanisms where burglars can see them.


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Post 4

@umbra21 - Yeah, but you really have to think about how valuable your stuff is. Right now I don't have anything worth the effort for someone to watch my house for more than a few hours. I live in a dump and I buy most of my stuff secondhand or from WalMart.

And that's pretty obvious just from a quick glance at my house. I can't imagine anyone bothering to break in, particularly if I have a security sign, so there's no real need to get any home security devices.

Post 3

@pastanaga - I wonder if that actually does anything to stop people from robbing the place though. I've heard that a fairly high percentage of burglaries are carried out after a person has really looked the place over and knows the routines of the people who live there.

Which makes sense to me, because I simply would never have the courage to just walk up to a random house and go into it, just to steal a few things. Especially not in a world where I could be shot by a housewife defending her costume jewelry.

I can totally understand why thieves would pay careful attention to a house before robbing it and if they did, they would see through that kind of note.

Post 2

One of the guys in the house I lived in as a student used to hang a sign outside our door that said "Please do not disturb, shift worker sleeping." He did it to stop burglars from being tempted when we weren't home and there were no cars in the driveway.

It was a pretty cool idea and we never did get robbed even though we didn't have a home security yard sign or anything. I also wonder how many salesmen that note deterred over the year.

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