Do Short People Earn Lower Salaries?

People of short stature earn about $800 US Dollars (USD) less per inch per year than their taller co-workers, according to the National Organization of Short Statured Adults. This imbalance appears to apply equally to men and women. Though this form of discrimination is not widely recognized, it certainly appears to be real. For instance, men taller than 6 feet, 3 inches (190 cm) and women taller than 5-9 (175 cm) are more than 90 percent more likely to be CEOs than shorter people, and out of the past 30 U.S. presidential elections, 26 were won by the taller candidate.

Other facts on heightism:

  • The majority of male Fortune 500 CEOs are at least five inches taller than the American male average height of 5-10 (177 cm).

  • Taller men are more likely to get married and have children, except in countries that have a severe gender imbalance.

  • Anti-heightism legislation is pretty spotty; only one state has anti-heightism laws on its books — Michigan. There are anti-heightism laws, however, in the District of Columbia; San Francisco; Ontario, Canada; and Victoria, Australia.

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There are professions where being shorter is an advantage: pilots, jockeys and in many trades such as construction and tree trimming they are just as equal if not better! In fact being a woman I have found them to be better partners and lovers than the taller men. And it is a well known fact that smaller people, both men and women, have longer life spans than tall people.

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Taller people tend to grow up more quickly as you look older and are not "babied" for as long, ergo you often become more assertive. This is a key attribute to being successful.

Smaller women tend towards more girlish, child like behavior, which is much more approval seeking, not a useful trait if you wish to be assertive and successful.

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