Do Short Hair Cats Trigger Fewer Allergies?

Some short hair cats are less likely to trigger allergies than most cats are, but there also are several medium and long hair breeds, including the Balinese and Siberian, that are less allergenic than most felines are. The Devon and Cornish Rex short hair cat breeds are also said to be less likely to cause allergy symptoms. Experts note, however, that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic pet breed.

More about pets and allergies:

  • Male cats are more likely to trigger allergies than female cats are.

  • The so-called hairless Sphinx cat is often marketed as good for people who have allergies, but owners of this breed must regularly clean its skin, ears and very short coat.

  • A person who is allergic to cat dander might be able to live with a cat through a combination of medication, installing an air filter in the home and minimizing direct contact with the cat.

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