Do Pinstripes Make Me Look Thinner?

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The good news is that pinstripes can, in fact, make you look thinner. Pinstripes provide a classic, businesslike look to any outfit, and are a great wardrobe staple to have. In addition to making you look thinner, pinstripes can also make you look taller.

It is important to remember that simply wearing a pinstriped suit, or even just pinstriped pants, is not automatically going to make you look thinner. One important tip to remember is that the pinstripes must always be vertical -- horizontal stripes have the opposite effect, and will in fact make you look heavier. In general, thinner stripes are better than thicker ones, which can also accentuate every curve rather than camouflaging them.

The other, most important thing to remember is to buy clothes that fit, even if that means purchasing a larger size than you would like. Clothes that fit well and are tailored to your body will always make you look thinner than clothes that are too tight or clothes that are too large. Oversized clothes do not do as good of a job camouflaging things as you might think -- in fact, they just tend to make you look bigger overall.


If you do choose to wear pinstripes, they can elongate the body and make you look taller and thinner. A formal pinstriped suit worn with a blouse or a button-down shirt in a solid color will look very nice. Alternatively, you could just wear pinstriped pants with a blouse. It is a good idea to avoid dressing completely in pinstripes, though. Pinstriped pants that have a wide, straight leg and accentuate your waist are especially flattering. Avoid pants that taper at the ankle.

Wearing heels or pointed-toe shoes with pinstriped pants will also make your legs look longer, which translates to making you look slimmer. Choosing a pinstriped suit in a darker color, such as dark gray, navy or black, is also slimming. This type of suit looks nice worn with a white or light colored shirt. A pinstriped pencil skirt is also very slimming when fitted properly.

Keep in mind that you will probably need to try on a lot of clothes before you find the perfect ones. Once you do find clothes that fit well and make you look thinner, see if you can figure out which particular details of the clothes work best on your body. You can then look for those details on other articles of clothing you purchase.


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Post 7

I love pinstripe suits, but I have to admit I don't think they make you look thinner. I realize that it elongates you but to my eyes what really makes the difference is the cut of clothes.

A strong cut, which emphasizes your body shape in all the right places, makes you look thinner! Or maybe if you were to get the right cut and then you added the pinstripes it would make you even thinner looking.

My husband actually wore a pinstripe suit for our wedding and he looked fantastic and the suit photographed well!

I always think of pinstripe suits when I think of pinstripes, are there other places pinstripes are being used?

Post 6

I have a pair of gray pinstripe pants with light pink, vertical stripes in them. Even though the pink color is very subtle, the pinstripes add a lot to the pants.

I like to wear a soft pink blouse or sweater with these pants and always feel dressy and feminine. If you really want to look thinner, a pair of black pinstripe pants with thin vertical stripes would make you look even thinner.

There is something about the combination of black and long thin pinstripes that make you look taller and thinner. Both of those sound good to me - I should wear pinstripes more often!

Post 5

Not only can pinstripes help you look thinner, but I think that pinstripe suits are very classy and dressy looking.

It seems like every time I wear my pinstripe suit I get a lot of complements. Needless to say, it is one of my favorites.

Wearing a suit also makes you feel professional, but a nice pinstripe suit also helps you look as professional as you feel.

Post 4

My friend has started jogging to lose weight and she purchased some pants with reflective pinstripes down the side. I must say that the pinstripes actually do make her look thinner, and because the jogging pants are reflective, they are quite a bit safer than regular pants when she goes jogging with me at night.

I am thinking about buying a white tracksuit with black pinstripes down the sides. I am hoping that the lines will help me look a bit slimmer too. I am not to worried about reflective material though, as my friend has that covered enough for the both of us.

Post 3

I love pinstripes clothing because it really does do wonders for your figure. I have a few blouses and some suits that utilize very thin vertical stripes to make me look thinner.

I think that you shouldn't wear too many pinstripes at once though, because I think the look just becomes too busy. If you are going to wear a pinstripe suit, than don't add a pinstripe blouse to the mix. Just go with a simple white blouse.

Another good tip is to find pinstripes in a subtle color. I have a black suit, with very thin red pinstripes on it and it looks fantastic.

Post 2

@SZapper - That's funny. I never really wear pinstripes, but I think I might start after this.

It's funny how different clothes can make you look totally different. I have a coworker who is a bit heavy set but the way he dresses, you can never tell. Pinstripes are his best friend!

Post 1

I have a pair of pinstripe pants, and I have to say, they make me look very thin. I didn't realize this, and I wore them once after I'd lost a couple pounds from being sick. All day people kept asking me if I was feeling all right!

I couldn't figure out why everyone was so concerned. Then I caught a glance at myself in the bathroom mirror and I understood. I looked scary-skinny!

So I think pinstripes might not be the best choice for someone who is already fairy thin. After all, there is a such thing as being too thin!

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