Do I Need to Rid my Body of Toxins?

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Many natural health proponents believe that the body accumulates toxins which should be periodically flushed. While the body does naturally process and eliminate toxins, increased exposure to toxic environmental substances combined with drug use and unhealthy diets across much of the First World sometimes proves to be too much for the body to process, leading to health problems. By detoxifying the body, many people feel that they improve their health and state of mind, and are able to lead more balanced lives.

The body naturally processes toxic materials through the liver, kidneys, and lower intestines. These organs take in these substances and either convert them to a usable form or push them out of the body, so that they cannot damage other, more delicate organs. People who lead healthy, active lifestyles probably do not need to take extra steps to remove the substances from their bodies. However, if you eat a high fat, high sugar diet, consume caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs, are exposed to dangerous chemicals, or get limited exercise, you may want to consider removing these toxic materials from your body and making life changes to keep your body healthy.


Symptoms that you may be accumulating toxins at a rate higher than your body can process include fatigue, irritability, skin problems, digestive issues, aches and pains, stress, and other behavioral problems. Because these can be symptoms of more serious medical problems, a doctor should always be consulted before embarking on any detox program. Certain individuals also should not undertake detox programs, including cancer patients, children, pregnant and nursing mothers, and people with degenerative diseases.

A detox problem is designed to eliminate these materials from your body while resting your organs and improving your lifestyle. A number of things can be incorporated into a detox regime including massage, sauna, dietary changes, teas, colon cleanses, and exercise. Most detox programs include drinking lots of juice, water, and tea to flush out the system while eating light, high fiber food to help cleanse the intestines and reduce the load on your organs. Supplements like psyllium husk, vitamins, minerals, and medicinal plants also assist with a detox program, helping to nourish the body and boost the immune system. Sauna is highly recommended, because it helps the body sweat out toxins as they are released.

During the early stages of a detox program, the body tends to feel more run down and unhealthy than when the detox started. Naturopaths say that this is because the toxins bound up in the organs and blood are being released all at once, flooding the body and causing malaise. If the patient persists, however, the material will flush out, leaving healthier skin, a greater sense of well-being, and a more well nourished body. The effects of the detox can be carried on into regular life by adopting a regular exercise program, eating a healthy diet, and cutting down on drugs such as nicotine and caffeine.


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Post 10

I'm wondering how to get rid of toxic and the unclean blood under my eyes.

Post 9

Toxins caused symptoms like extreme fatigue and all-over body aches for me. My friend invited me to the sauna for a cleansing, and though I was skeptical, I went.

I did feel a little bit better after just one session. As the weeks went on and I continued to visit the sauna, I felt more healthy with each visit.

I wasn't tired all the time, and my aches were gone. I just felt relieved, as though something bad had left my body.

Post 8

@shell4life – I couldn't agree with you more. If a person is eating plenty of fiber, vegetables, and fruit and drinking enough water, then he or she should never need colon cleansing to remove toxins.

I used to experience frequent constipation, but after I switched to whole grain breads and cereals and started eating more raw vegetables, things changed. I now have no trouble getting rid of toxins.

Apples and apple juice are also great at relieving and preventing constipation. They will help you get those toxins out without seeing a doctor or specialist.

Post 7

I think that colon cleansing is a rather extreme way of removing toxins from the body. Some celebrities rely on it, but I believe that they should be altering their diets and alcohol or drug use instead.

Constipation is a problem, and I can see using an enema every now and then if natural efforts to get rid of the toxins have failed. However, I don't think it's good for the body to keep having your feces artificially removed. It makes your colon dependent.

Post 6

I take an experimental medicine that is designed to help my kidneys remove toxins from my body. I have impaired kidney function, so they do need some assistance.

This medication is a diuretic, so it makes me urinate a lot and often. It also makes me thirsty, but this is good, because the more water I drink, the more toxins it will flush out.

You have to be careful with diuretics, though, because you can flush out the good along with the bad. I have to get plenty of potassium from my diet, or else I will develop a deficiency from all the water and urination.

Post 5

@anon38121: Probably, or it could be the medication. could also be the toxins building up from the medication, but that's just a lucky guess, I'm no expert. try some light exercise and if the epilepsy allows it, some sort of light detox. Don't overdo it though.

Post 4

try a detox, guys. it's not like spa resorts are inexpensive!

Post 3

yes, the pillow is discolored because he uses a self tanner.

Post 2

hi, i am an epileptic and take lots of medicine. I shower everyday, but i swear I smell like I am dirty. My hair is coarse dry and smells funny. Kind of like dirt. I am tired all of the time and the smallest of tasks makes me weak. Could I have too many chemical toxins in my body that are released through my skin and hair?

Post 1

I have a friend (male) that ruins his pillow with discoloration-----it turns yellow in a very short time----what could be the cause?

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