Do I Need a Spyware Blocker in Addition to Antivirus Software?

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Most people know that having reliable antivirus software is a must for every desktop and laptop computer. However, not everyone understands the concept of spyware, and how some types of antivirus software can fail to detect these intrusive software programs. Here is what you need to know about spyware and why you need a good quality spyware blocker in addition to your antivirus protection.

Unlike viruses, spyware is not designed to cause system problems, steal your address book, or perform any malicious function. For the most part, spyware does exactly what the name implies. Your online movements are tracked, and the data is reported back to the originator of the program. The collected data can be used to target you for email solicitations, which quickly begin to fill your inbox.

This is in contrast to any type of malware, which is simply software designed to cause problems with your system in some manner. Malware can shut down workstations, lock up servers, and create a great deal of chaos for businesses as well as individuals. Fortunately, good quality virus protection software can take care of malware. However, antivirus solutions do not always stop spyware in its tracks.


In order to have the maximum amount of protection, you need both antivirus software and a good spyware blocker. Keep in mind that when it comes to spyware, even if your antivirus program does pick up the minor threat, it only does so after it loads onto your system. A truly effective spyware blocker will detect the attempt to download the software in the first place, and prevent the download from ever occurring.

If you do not maintain a firewall as part of your computer security system, there is an increased need to run a spyware blocker. Spyware and adware are picked up at all sorts of web sites, and can download without your knowledge. Along with being a nuisance, the spyware also uses some of your system resources to run quietly in the background. If you have enough of these programs silently running, you will find your system does not move as quickly. Downloading and running a spyware blocker not only protects your privacy, but also helps your system to run closer to maximum efficiency.

Fortunately, there are a number of reputable spyware blocker packages available online. In fact, some of them cost nothing to download. However, keep in mind there are infectious packages that masquerade as spyware protection. For this reason, always research a particular spyware program before you download anything. There are a number of forums online where you can find reliable information on different spyware blocker programs, allowing you to identify the solution that is right for your needs. If you do not have this type of protection along with a good antivirus package on your system, start looking today. You may be surprised at what a difference it makes in terms of your system performance.


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