Do Heated Gloves Work Well?

Nychole Price

Heated gloves are worn by many people who enjoy outdoor sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, sledding and riding motorcycles or bicycles. Most versions are operated by a small lithium battery, located on the back of each glove. The batteries are rechargeable, take approximately four to five hours to charge, and last between three to four hours. Some varieties use AA alkaline batteries. There is a debate, though, as to how well heated gloves work.

Heated gloves help keep outdoor lovers warm in frigid temperatures.
Heated gloves help keep outdoor lovers warm in frigid temperatures.

A heated glove reaches temperatures between 95 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (35 to 40 degrees Celsius). This temperature ranges begins at lower than the standard body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) and only reaches slightly higher. Many people claim not to feel the heat, as it is so low. A quality pair of winter gloves could reach these temperatures through body heat alone. For people who seem to get cold very easily, however, the couple extra degrees may make a big difference for them.

Heated gloves are popular with people who enjoy winter activities like sledding.
Heated gloves are popular with people who enjoy winter activities like sledding.

Electric motorcycle gloves are very expensive, around $250 US Dollars (USD) a pair. Battery powered snowboarding gloves are a little less expensive than the electric motorcycle gloves, around $200 USD a pair, as they are designed more for warmth, and less for finger protection. There are cheaper versions of battery powered gloves, though they aren't rechargeable, meaning you must buy new batteries for every use. Many people find that these gloves are more expensive than they are worth, as they only last, on average, for 500 uses. Avid outdoor enthusiasts, who find the heat enough for them, are willing to pay the price for the gloves.

Many people feel that heated gloves lack the hand protection that other gloves provide. Most types of heated motorcycle gloves, for example, lack the armor, knuckle protectors and other safety features that most motorcycle gloves have. In some cases, the battery packs, or heat controls, get in the way when skiing or snowboarding.

Heated gloves have received great reviews as well, especially from people who suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome. People who suffer from this disorder find that, during cold weather, their blood circulation reduces in their fingers and they become white. The heat produced from the gloves keeps their hands soft and supple.

High expectations may also be the cause for the numerous complaints made against heated gloves. Most people don't realize that battery-powered gloves are meant to keep their hands warm, not hot. High heat can cause burns on the skin, leading to a lawsuit. Most people will notice the heat produced from the gloves if they use them in extreme cold temperature.

Skiers may feel that the battery packs used in heated gloves are too bulky for practical use.
Skiers may feel that the battery packs used in heated gloves are too bulky for practical use.

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I love my heated gloves that I bought from VentureHeat. I wear them every time I hit the slopes.


I have a pair of heat gloves that I use when skiing and coaching on cold days. My hands get very cold due to a medication that I take, and the heat gloves are warm enough that they make a big difference. They aren't not - I wouldn't want them to be - but they do keep my hands from becoming painfully cold. I'm very pleased with them. --SccrDon


The Skin gloves are amazing. had them for two years, works great!


I bought the Skin heated liners as well and the failed right away. Despite repeated promises via email to replace them, I have received nothing and now my emails are not responded to.

I'm going to contact Paypal as regarding helping with the refund as that's who processes their payments.

Stay away.


Ordered the Skin liners and never got them to work after waiting a month to receive them. No response from customer service or phone message. Don't waste your time and money.


Has anybody heard of a heated glove specifically for golf? obviously they need a tiny battery and good grip.



As I had not heard from anyone I took the plunge and ordered the Skin glove liners and they are fantastic. They are much better and hotter than any other gloves that I have tried.I was even offered me a full refund if I was not completely satisfied. I would definitely recommend them. Has anyone else tried them? cheers abagail


Recently got a pair of the SKIN glove liners. They sent the wrong size and they never worked. Then I received a second pair in the correct size. They worked for about one week. I used them for about 2 - 2.5 hours each day and recharged batteries after each use. Then they just stopped heating. Company is unresponsive to emails. Don't waste your money.


I just saw the SKIN heated glove liner advertised. can anyone recommend them. --abagail


Recently, I used a heated glove from my friend. It is very good experience for me of the temperature. That is really comfortable for me especially to my cold hand. I've used many brands of heated gloves and they don't have any warm feeling to me. But this new heated glove let me feel the "hot" in my hand in the winter. The name is "heat fabric". That was a great experience for me.


Harley makes riding gloves (vests & pants too)that can be connected to your motorcycles battery via a wiring harness. If you're on a long trip, it's worth it. But for short jaunts (even in the cold) hooking the harness to the battery (removing the seat), then running that through your jacket sleeves to the gloves (otherwise you have wiring flopping around) is more of a pain than a benefit.

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